What in the "let the Chinese directly into my computer" zigbee device is this?

ya know that maybe - I hadn't considered it's a proprietary thing but after looking it seems IDRAC and ILO are Dell and HP specific. It's the only think that comes to mind ~ if Wake On Lan isn't cutting it.

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I use WOL all of the time. It works great. I have a pressure sensor in my office chair, that is wired toa Zigbee Contact Sensor. When I sit down on the chair, my PC powers on. I also use the 'chair sensor' to prevent lights in my office from turning off, if I sit still and my PIR motion sensor does not detect any motion for too long. This means no more waving my arms to get the lights back on.


Alla Huawei or Dahua being banned in the US due to backdoors being embedded. The whole idea of this device just struck me as oddly specific, "let us turn on your computer"
At least before you needed malware to have a problem. But you guys are correct, with most stuff made overseas, if they want in, they're getting in.
Besides, it's not like Edward Snowden didn't tell us, they can already see everything. It's just that the Chinese are more honest about "we will monitor everything"

Most PC's with Intel 12th Gen Core processor (and up), have vPro Essential capabilities. Once provisioned you can remote power control capabilities. If your system is vPro Enterprise ready you have full KVM all the way into the BIOS. Look up Intel AMT for full capability and descriptions.


I'm just having fun imagining you scooting around your office w/a big orange extension cord traling behind your chair...or is the cord attached to the celing? :rofl: :wink: