What I do not like about Caseta

I am a big supporter of Lutron and the Caseta platform but this is what I do not like about it.

The motion sensor.

I really do not like the motion sensor.

  • It seems to have a slight delay even though it is all Lutron internal. I find that a Zigbee motion through Hubitat is about the same speed. Also the Hub Pro does not report the motion status so it can only works internally and not with Hubitat. I tend to use Zigbee motions over Lutron's. The one advantage that Lutron's motions have is extremely long battery life.

The 75 Limit

  • I wish that Caseta had a larger limit than 75 devices including the hub. I do have fun making my home installation work with 75 units and the new 'claro accessory switch' will be allow you to add 3 and 4 way switches without adding to the 75 devices. You can use multiple Hub Pros with Hubitat, which is one of many reasons Hubitat is your best partner with Lutron installations.

The original look and feel

  • I really did not like the original look and feel. It was always a bit of a sell to my customers and had to use RA2 for many of them because they did not like Caseta. They have recently released the Diva and Claro switches which does more then solve this problem and I would recommend buying them over the original if you are getting started. Hopefully a pico will not be far behind.

Only the first Lamp Module is a repeater

  • Only the first lamp module is a repeater. You have to really be careful about where you put it. I am now adding the first lamp module without any load until the end of the job where I can decide where it goes. I always do lamps last in my installations because of this. You should be able to choose the lamp module you want to be the repeater.

Battery information does not report to Hubitat or any third party

  • If a battery is low (pico or shade) it does not report it to Hubitat or any third party. You can only get this information is by logging in the your Lutron APP.

The Lutron App

  • I find the app seems a little dated. A nice revision would be in order. It is easy to add devices, but if you needed to use it as your daily interface it would be a pain. The good thing here is that you have Hubitat Dashboard or Apple Homekit which are both much nicer.

Lutron Caseta is a great protocol and I would recommend it as the core of your smart home (Smart Hub PRO) along with a Hubitat. It is extremely stable, always works and responds instantly. The small issues above are only minor. If you are considering it my strongest recommendation would be to avoid the motion in favor of a Zigbee motion.

Note: This is for information purpose for people considering Caseta. I do not want this to be a debate about protocols. I appreciate your co-operation.


Well you can add the wireless extender as a second repeater at least..


This is a good summary of things to be aware of for folks considering Caseta - thanks!

My own experience with the motion sensors has been better... I find them right up there on par with Hue in terms of response speed, and I love there's no cool down period -- if timed out, they re-fire immediately upon motion. But as you say, the inability to integrate them outside of Caseta is a big bummer, so their use-cases become pretty darn limited.

If experiencing range issues, I'd recommend folks just bite the bullet and set up one of the (bridge-looking) extenders first. Then go next to the plug-in dimmer if needed. The extender is likely easier to move around & hide as necessary, but once you set up that first plug-in, you're stuck with it as the repeater so that may become limiting if you're additionally using it to control a specific fixture.

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I agree - it's nutty that you can't select which lamp module you want to designate as a repeater. I didn't realize this so I had to swap two lamp modules and rename them to get the repeater where I wanted it. I know - I should read the directions . . .


I find them to be mostly great. The sensitivity is better than even good Zigbee sensors. I can get away with 1 in a large area where 2 Zigbee sensors would be required. They are huge, though, and that can be an issue.

You can get around this limitation by also using a Home Assistant instance as the motion event is reported over the HA supported LEAP. Then integrate the sensor back to Hubitat via HADB.

#1 issue for the old devices is the non-configurability of the 'on' level of 100%. 100% is often the wrong answer with modern LEDs, especially in a retrofit. I find it's great to put in high lumen bulbs for the ability to be super bright when desired. But that's not an everyday scene.

It's functional, if not great. Once again, 'on' is locked to 100%. Not sure about the new Divas. The 100% issue exists for RadioRA 2 in its app too even if the physical 'on' level is set <100%. Same thing when integrated directly to Apple Home. But there is an easy way to get around this issue in Apple Home using Hubitat. Integrate the dimmers via Hubitat & Homebridge. Within Hubitat the 'on' level is configurable to a set level or previous level and that carries over to Apple Home.

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You can limit initial on or off. For instance if you manually hit the overhead in my kitchen it only goes to 75%. While it doesn't have last level on it's a close second to use that function.

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But isn’t that the high end trim?

You can never go above that level when configured that way.

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Setting trim keeps one from turning the lights on to a brighter than normal level. So it's a non-starter for me. This limitation is a result of Lutron's sometimes brain dead marketing. Even Maestros in RA2 Select are limited to 100% Same dimmers in RadioRA 2/3, no problem programming the 'on' level (outside of their apps).

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If I hit twice it goes to 100% I just tested it and that still works.. Though I have it only on one switch... There is also low end trim as well.

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:thinking: hmm I’d have to try that but I switched from Caseta to RadioRA 2 when I moved into a new house a couple years ago :slightly_smiling_face:.


Speaking of Lutron’s um, interesting marketing decisions, I believe that’s why they have the lowest device limit on Caseta. They figure that larger installations should be done with RadioRA or even Homeworks.


What I would love is to have a smart bulb mode but I doubt that will ever happen in my lifetime.


Only other thing I would add is that Caseta is a product line of switches and dimmers that Lutron makes.

The wireless protocol is Clear Connect (technically Clear Connect A, I think). Same as the wireless protocol that RadioRA 2 and RA2 Select use.


Agree, very unlikely. Unless maybe Lutron ends up releasing their own smart bulbs sometime (which also seems unlikely).


Yes you can and I done that. Usually the single repeater is enough even in a big house. Keep in mind that the additional repeater uses up one of the 75 devices.

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On bigger homes the extender is a good idea. I have tested both the lamp module and extender and they work about the same. Usually I use the extender when a single repeater is not enough.

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I have swapped lamp modules many times so that is why I stopped making the first lamp module an active device until I finish the job. I usually do all the lamps last.

I have found the sensitivity of the Lutron motion better than others. You have an interesting work around for the motion but for a customer that is not really an option. I like to keep it super simple. It is good that the new Diva allows for manual configurability.

Hubitat can be used to get around the 100% on issue. Hubitat really makes a difference to a Lutron home.

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Yes the protocol is used for Caseta and RA2. The RA3 version is slightly different but pretty close.