What happens if the hub is restarted while a rule is still running?

Let's say I have a rule that turns an outlet on and then off with a delay of 6 hours.

What happens if I turn the outlet on, then restart the hub? Will the rule pick up where it left off and turn the outlet off after the original 6 hours are over?

Edit - I'll answer this question tomorrow. I'm going to try it.

AFIK... Nope.... no restart/power/fail recovery within HE.

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That's a good question. I know delays survive because the end is scheduled when the delay begins. I have a rule with a 1400 hr. delay, and it's been fine. I do wonder what happens if a rule is in a repeat.

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I just tried this out of curiosity and I suspected that it wouldn't work but it did. The scheduled task that I had input before rebooting was still there after I reboot the hub. I even tried a shutdown, pulled the power and then rebooted. The delayed action was still there waiting.

What I don't think will happen is is the delay time is missed because the hub was off during that time, that the action will still occur after the hub is rebooted.

I agree if the time is missed it won't run. It's interesting that the delayed run did still exist. I'm curious though if the time started again from time of reboot/active or from the original time?

The end of the delay is scheduled when the delay begins. This is my furnace filter change notification rule that has a 60 day delay. The end date has not changed through numerous reboots.


I’ve had lights on with motion lighting during a hub shutdown that turned off immediately when the hub booted up. The lights had definitely missed the shut off time.

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Maybe not quite the same thing, but during the 2AM maintenance, things like motion lights seem to fire (from an earlier trigger) right after maintenance ends. I think I have observed the same delayed but apparently cached action turn on a light from toggling a dashboard button.

A delay due to maintenance isn't really the same thing as the hub completely losing power.

Now of course, all of my experiments were executing a graceful shutdown. I'm not sure what would happen if you just yanked power from the hub. And since i'm a single-hub-user, I won't be experimenting with that one, thank you very much. :wink: let one of you multi-hub guys try that one out.