What happened to the 'Export, Import or Clone of Rule Machine Rules'?

Hi all,

The above feature has vanished from both Legacy and new RM - HAs anyone experienced the same?

Once a rule is created, if you hit the "gear icon"-top right, you will see clone etc.


I've only done Export and Clone from the gear icon of existing rules. Not from the parent RM app.

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Thanks for the quick reply, I don't get why HE keeps changing stuff around all the time - That option used to be on the main page as per the screen shot.

I now can't edit any Triggers for my Legacy rules:

As I click on it then it goes into a screen with nothing but the button 'Done'

I was originally thrown as well, but Bruce explained in the thread below why the change was made, which makes sense to me.

In terms of your issue in trying to edit your rules, I'm not sure, perhaps @bravenel can assist?

Thanks for the clarification, I appreciate that.

Am I able to export a rule from the Legacy RM to the new one? I am just trying to avoid having to rebuild the entire rule on the new RM since I can't edit the original one.

As well, what happened to the Wait For Conditions?

The problem is that they implement these changes and don't update the documentation which confuses the users:

It was renamed to "Wait for expression." They should probably update the documentation (a frequent "should" with many products), but it was mentioned in the release notes, which I'd recommend reading before any upgrade--including past versions if you happen to have skipped any. The new "clone" functionality was also mentioned in the release noes for 2.2.9, for example. This isn't intended to be accusatory, just saying that it is documented somewhere. :smiley:


Thanks Rob, no offence taken - I'll ensure I read the release notes in the future (been a while since I had to do anything with my HE rules and settings).

There is no upgrade path from the Legacy to the new RM. It is essentially a new app that has enhancements over Legacy RM.

Regardless though, with the app stuck as you described, the only viable option is either to find a version of it from an older backup or re-create it. I have previously restored an older backup to get to a rule that had a problem. Exported it as a file, and was able to re-import it in the latest platform version after restoring it back, and was then able to edit it as required.


Thanks a lot for the info - I've recreated the rule on RM 5.1 now.

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