What happened to Smartly for Dashboards?

@aaiyar - That's an interesting assumption about me, my participation in those threads, etc, which isn't accurate. I'll leave it at that.

@JasonJoel - Like I do on other community based apps, and specially where I have contributed code, I spend a lot of time helping people, and even speaking directly with the original post owners. Please don't make assumptions about me and where I put my time helping people out and volunteering my time, and suggesting that I should just "regret the loss' of something I spent a lot of time on helping with the community. That really isn't very kind, nor is it helpful in this discussion.

@jtmpush18 - iPhone household here.
Yes, I do have homebridge running and connected to HE thanks to the amazing community apps here. Unfortunately not good enough for our needs given our reliance on Hubigraphs and other specific dashboard needs. But I really appreciate the suggestion.

Yeah, local access (not reliant on cloud forwarding) is an important aspect of Dashboards for us, hence why the JS and Styling of Smartly has been so good for us to have great, attractive and use-able dashboards... as they are just HE's dashboards made more attractive and usable, so no compromise.

You are quite correct that Every approach will take some resources, i.e. memory, cpu cycles, etc.

Some are more "cloud" oriented than others. (The Joe Page approach has a local version.)

There are other approaches that require another server (e.g. a RPI).

My point is, that given the flexible architecture of Hubitat, there are other alternatives.

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Agreed. Unfortunately (or fortunately in my case) the native HE dashboards with much better CSS styling which is natively supported (and enhanced/templated via Smartly in my case) is the perfect solution for my household needs. I think people seem to forget Smartly was born on these forms and many of us (myself included) were very early alpha/beta testers and provided a ton of feedback, tweaks, CSS, and hours into making it great for many use-cases and users here.

So I'm very sad, disappointed and to be frank a bot grossed out to seeing it discarded here for reasons outside of this community, as it was a community project born here.


Smartly is a really cool addition to the native dashboards. Works really well, and looks very good.

Really pretty impressive to me that they were able to do that. I'm not a web developer, so that always seems like a bit of magic to me. :slight_smile:


I made no assumptions about anyone.

I do believe, though, that no one posting on this thread knows 100% of both sides of the story. So I do think it inappropriate to assume or comment on the "WHY" portion of the threads being closed.

And I maintain that position now. Sorry if you take offense to that.

I've been careful in my wording, and I think it is clear my OPINION on this matter. I would be happy to take it up via PM if you want to continue discussing. I'll stop posting in here now, as I never intended to make a 'big deal' or have a full discussion about this.

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That's fair. You are entitled to your opinion, as I am mine, and I'm just reacting to your assumption about what I was a part of, know and don't know and what my "tone" is implying. That's not kind nor helpful here. We should stay away from assumptions and what we think people are implying.

My goal as someone who spends a ton of time on these forms is to help people have an awesome experience with HE where I can, as others really helped me in my first year here reach an AMAZING smart home experience. Like with other projects and abandoned projects I try and help out on, dashboards are an area people struggle with here, and I've spent a lot of time in various dashboard related projects on here helping people out, including this project in question amongst others.

I went back and counted. 14 users (was going to post pic, but refrain out of privacy respect) helped out in our latest "beta testers" PM thread. Let me be the one to say Thank you to each and every one of you, without you smartly would not have been be as great

I will only speak for myself saying that I did NOT request that my countless hours CSS help, or custom icon thread be removed. I recently went looking for some to help users with HE dashboards issues (non smartly) CSS only to have to recreate my code.

After spending hours on the phone with both HE and OLL staff, I think I know more "truth" than anyone other than the offending party (to which most don't even know the offense!).

With that being said @JasonJoel @SoundersDude and @anyoneelse this discussion should be laid to rest before it is done forcefully. We all have our "noses" :wink:

It happened. It's done. Haters hate, lovers love. Lets all move on!

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AFAIK, the OLL people's accounts were suspended on here initially, then threads disappeared from our forum. Now anyone with anything to do with OLL can no longer update their HE hubs, making development on the HE hub, very difficult if not impossible.
I don't know who started what, but in the end hurts us users.
Markus's drivers were some of the best I've ever seen, and I still use them today, although I expect future HE changes to break things, that likely can't be fixed without having the latest firmware on the HE hub.


I'm still using Markus's Tasmota driver. Does it mean I no longer qualify for HE hub firmware updates?

I believe the point several people were trying to make above is that none of us really know both sides of the story, and we never will.

So there’s not much to talk about. Unless the goal is to just foment FUD.


That is a very broad statement, and would be accurate only if you qualified "anything to do with OLL" to be something very narrow.

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Thanks for correcting. Yes that's what I meant, if you're using any of their drivers, they won't be updated. As well as the ex-members(now OLL folk) can no longer update their own hubs.

My main point was it affects us all, whatever the "real story" is. and I'm not sure what a FUD is, but I'll ask my daughter when she gets home from work.

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Lol, I have to work on my english. I meant any of the staff at OLL, can no longer update their hubs, as well as all the drivers markus made will likely develop issues or possibly stop working as HE firmware changes, and he doesn't have access to the latest firmware, to upgrade his drivers.

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More than FUD, I'd say that's a certainty.

The Tasmota driver I'm using used to receive constand development, now it hasn't been updated in more than three months. Without support, it's just a matter of time before it starts developing issues.


Very true. In the tech world "the only thing that stays the same, is nothing stays the same". There have been requests for a dev/devs to step up and take the reins on that front. Without access to a "development hub" it's become a challenge to troubleshot blindfolded. But that's an entirely separate conversation for another thread. Not using or knowing the first thing about Tasmota I'd be of no use there.

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In case of the Tasmota driver, I thought about it.
But then I realized it's not just groovy. Tasmota uses MQTT which HE doesn't support natively. So Markus developed a customized Tasmota firmware with HTTP callbacks. Which is something I don't really want to use my limited spare time for.

ya i got one of their devices and scrapped it when i realized the pain to update the firmware and i wasnt going to get another nas just to do that..

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Good call! Unfortunately I persisted and now I'm stuck with two dozen, soon to be obsolete, devices. :man_facepalming:

Really? Then try the Tasmota driver that Eric stopped developing when Markus took over and tell me how that goes... :roll_eyes: