What happened to Smartly for Dashboards?

What happened to Smartly? Anything similar available?



Try looking at the community link on the page you linked

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Smartly still works, AFAIK.


@spelchek, the dev of smartly, became a principal at Oh La Labs, a startup that’s going to try to bring their own hub to market.


agreed. :+1:

The link I posted is Directly from oh-lala...

Ok I see stuff there just odd because the links wi
thin the community here are dead...

There's a thriving little community over there. Everything works.

Think it's pretty clear that if anyone wants support / info on this particular piece of software, then they need to head over there to find it.

Don't think there'll be much discussion here. =)


If that is true, their statement is very deceiving. And that raises questions about their integrity.


What statement are you referring to?


What happened was that Smartly had a robust presence here, but for reasons I honestly forget, (there was some politics involved) they no longer have a presence on the Hubitat forums and have decided to move their community presence to their own forum.

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No politics involved.


No argument there. :wink:

But as I like a number of the people over there individually, I'll refrain from adding any flames to this conversation. It serves no purpose.

Plus opinions are like... Noses. Everyone has one.


with that I completely agree.

This thread has all the details needed for anyone interested in exploring the option. Happy to see it remains.


There's another one.
On Line Love? Our Lady of Lourdes?
I honestly looked and couldn't find anything that fit.

Darn. So obvious.

It's unfortunate that the Smartly threads here were killed. Making the HE dashboards usable, attractive and easy to re-arrange has been the only way I have been able to make HE acceptable for my better half (WAF), and I know I'm not the only one in the boat per all of the discussions in the Dashboard related conversations.

Big bummer and big loss that we let politics and business get in the way of serving the community here, specially when so many people like myself spend hours here to volunteer at no self-benefit to make this community be what it is today.

Big Bummer.... :frowning:


Your tone certainly makes it sound like you think this is Hubitat's fault. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't.

What if the thread owners ASKED to have the threads closed? Would you have the same comments / feelings then?

I don't know that is what happened - I don't work for Hubitat or have any real inside info. Just saying there may be another side to this whole thing you haven't considered... People are making a lot of ASSUMPTIONS on what happened and why, with only limited and incomplete data.

Maybe just leaving it at "regretting the loss", and not commenting on the "why" would be appropriate?


Let me echo what @JasonJoel said. You are presuming that this fact resulted from a decision made by Hubitat Inc.

That presumption is questionable.


To the matter at hand... dashboards.

Have you tried the Joe Page dashboard approach?
If you have android phones, or tablets, it's very good and worth a long look.
If you have only Apple equipment, I suggest looking at the native HomeKit app (or the Eve app), and feeding that data with Homebridge V2 (or the Maker app directly).
In addition, if you really want to excel at dashboard, you can try The Home Remote dashboard.

If the native Hubitat implementation of dashboards doesn't fit you, there are some alternatives that I suggest you check out.


unfort. most if not all of the other dashboards are more costly in hub resources as they must send device info for all devices necessary into the cloud.

smarttiles is a good approach but not avail. unless you have your own copy of an older version of the code. .it still is slightly costly in hub resources but just updates internally into its own app on the hub as new device readings come in, and no cloud is necessary.. I wish the newer version would officially be ported/available, but does not appear likely.

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