What does the Configure button on the Device page do?

What does the Configure button on the Device page do?

I haven't been pressing it when adding devices. Should I be pressing it? Are there cases where I shouldn't press it?

Configure (AFAIK) is a default driver function that is executed when you first pair a device. If you change / update a driver for one of your devices then I believe it is a good thing to run configure again for that device (might be other instances i'm not aware of as well).


Pressing the CONFIGURE button causes the driver to execute its configure() function. This function usually sends configuration commands to the Zigbee or Z-Wave device, instructing those devices on how to report status updates back to the Hubitat hub.

As @gbrown mentioned above, this normally happens automatically whenever a device is initially paired with the hub, assuming the correct driver was auto-assigned during the pairing process. If you need to manually change the driver type to a new driver, you should manually press CONFIGURE to ensure the new drivers configuration settings are sent to the device. The auto running on this function only happens on initial pairing, not on manual driver changes.



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Thanks - I was also wondering this.

Is there a quick guide / outline of what some of the Commands are? Some are fairly self explanatory with being "On" or "Off" others like Start Level Change seems to ramp up or down the Dimmer level... what would be the use in this? What about 'Set Level' and duration? No matter the variable, it changes the dimmer level instantly. I'm sure there are a lot of others with other drivers / devices as well.

Overall, perhaps a feature enhancement would be a little ? icon in the top right hand corner of each box as an info-tip. This could definitely help new-comers as the UI is not as polished and friendly for those switching over. The platform is certainly powerful, but as its gaining Wink migrants, it would be nice to see a more polished interface to use.

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One of the best uses for the Start Level Change command is when you map it to a Pico remote (or other button controllers.) I have some Sengled Color Zigbee bulbs in nightstand lamps. I have added a Pico remote to the wall plate that is easy to press as you enter the room. We also have Pico remotes on our nightstands that we can use to control all of the lighting in the bedroom as well as the master bathroom. I prefer this over voice control in the middle of the night to not disturb my spouse.

This Pico has

  • the Top button pushed mapped to "On", the Bottom button pushed mapped to "Off"
  • the Up Arrow held mapped to Start Level Change (Up)
  • the Up Arrow released mapped to StopLevel Change
  • the Down Arrow held mapped to Start Level Change (Down)
  • the Down Arrow released mapped to StopLevel Change
  • the Middle button pushed mapped to SetLevel(75)

So, we can control a Zigbee bulb (or a Hubitat Group of bulbs with Zigbee messaging enabled) with the exact same physical user interface as I control my other Caseta Dimmer switches. This made the wife very happy. :wink:

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Interesting, I didn't think about that ability to press+hold and then release to stop the level change. Usually I would just ask / whisper to Alexa to set the light to a certain % but that is definitely a good option and I can see its use. Each day on the platform I am learning something new, it's exciting again setting up new devices and learning all the cool things others do, which is something the Wink community was pretty lacking in.

Overall I think it would be great to build out the documentation wiki further, akin to something like HomeAssistant where each App, Driver, or Page could have its own Wiki page showing what everything is, how to use it, and some examples which can then link to the associated Community page to discuss if you're having issues.

Agree 100% with this. In fact, that is why Hubitat chose to make their documentation page a wiki. They would appreciate help from the community in improving the documentation, especially from non-SmartThings users. SmartThings users are familiar with many Hubitat concepts already, so we take a lot for granted. A fresh set of eyes is always welcome!


I've made an account and look forward to assisting where I can as I read through the documentation more for any needed updates or clarification.


I have a similar setup, with Sengled bulbs controlled with a Pico. When dimming the bulbs down, do you know how to stop the bulbs from dimming all the way to 0 (off)?

I do not believe there is a way to stop them from dimming to zero, other than physically releasing the button before it’s gets to that point.

Maybe you could create conditional action "IF Dimmer<5 then stoplevelchange"? Not sure if its possible tho

This would work if the device reported the level value continuously to the Hubitat hub while the "startLevelChange()" command is executing. Unfortunately, I doubt that the device is actually doing this quickly enough, if at all, to catch it before it gets to 0. The startLevelChange and stopLevelChange are actually Zigbee commands, being performed internally by the devices themselves. Hubitat is not sending a stream of decreasing or increasing level commands to the bulbs.