What does it take to choke a C7?

My log page for devices says I have 324, and Apps total 590...! Still running strong - is that amazing or what?

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What does your average cpu utilization look like.

Cpu load/load %: .13/3.25%
Cpu pct 6.0
Cpu5min 0.24
Db 10mb
Free mem 383,752 18 hrs after reboot
Not sure where to get avg cpu utilization

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I use this which is the total since reboot. This is my Apps page which says my apps are using 12.3% of my CPU. I have to add devices to that to get the total.

Personally I couldn't manage 590 Apps. So it seems the Hubitat Hub has more capacity than my brain.

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Probably 1/2 of mine are paused or disabled. Still is a lot of things for the little black box to chew on.

Many of my apps are paused or disabled.



How do you see your cpu and mem status??

You can see hub stats using this: [Release] Hub Monitor

My CPU load is showing as 0.93/23.5% .

I'm at 508 devices and 392 apps. Some automations seem slow lately, although there could be many causes for that.

I'm not sure how to interpret all of this, but I'm going to try disabling some of the things at the top of the list that aren't really being used--like syslog. It's interesting that a dashboard seems to be using the most time of any apps.