What does "Cancelable" do

I have a Motion trigger that turns on the bath light, and then waits for condition motion is not active, delays 30 seconds and turns the light off.
I can also trigger the light AND the fan from an RGBGenie controller.
If I hold switch 3 then it sets the fan for 15 minutes and turns the light to a higher setting (taking a shower)
But behind the shower curtain, there is no motion, so the wait for inactive +30 turns off the light, and the wife is unhappy with the dark shower.

I could try this all in one big rule, but that fails the KISS rule.

Is that the purpose of cancelable? IF not, what does that do?

Might be easier to go this way...

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To answer your question if you have the 30 second delay set without cancelable it will turn off after 30 seconds even if there was more motion. If you set it then more motion will cancel your 30 second delay and restart it once motion stops.


To clarify, it starts a new 30 second countdown. It does not continue where the other one left off.

Also, make sure that you take into account that just about every motion sensor out there will also have a built in timer. For example the Iris gen 2 sensors have a 30 second timeout built in. So, if motion stops, they don't report that to the hub for 30 seconds. If motion starts again within that 30 seconds, it will never send the inactive message to the hub.

Also, just making your delays "cancelable" doesn't mean that they get canceled. You have to have somewhere in your rule the action "Cancel delayed actions". For example, if you have a delay for inactive, you would have to have an ELSE condition that would also cancel that delay.

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