What Do You Want to See in Your Hubitat Hub?

An admittedly open topic, one that is evident by the Feedback category. but I am hoping to encourage conversation on this topic if people find it useful....

MUCH better dashboards and more information displayed on device tiles (similar to what Hubivue offered. Ability to customize the tiles without having to get into CSS, again similar to what Hubivue offered. For example, I have many devices where the names are truncated, but it would be nice to be able to put a better description on the tiles without having to get into the CSS to do it. it would have been awesome if they had just adopted Hubivue as the native dashboard.. a great loss there. Other than that, I know it was very recently redone, but the documentation still assumes a somewhat advanced user. It really needs to be done more with the novice in mind, with better, and specific explanations of expressions and boolean and how to use them. I would like to see RM more like @bptworld 's event engine when all the parts are on one page rather than clicking through separate pages to build a rule.
I'm sure there will be at least a dozen replies about the user interface, but the truth is it isn't all that bad. Spartan, yes, but functional, just needs to be made a bit more cohesive.


You sure like to open a can of worms! :wink:

In no particular order... Let call it, Things I do with another system. :laughing:

  • Does it Matter? (see what I did there?!) - All of my Hue stuff is connected to Google Home via Matter. Why not HE?
  • Chromecast to come OUT of Beta (after 4+ years)
  • Google TV integration (Android TV Remote)
  • Mosquitto broker built in (You can use this add-on to install Eclipse Mosquitto, which is an open-source (EPL/EDL licensed) message broker that implements the MQTT protocol. Mosquitto is lightweight and is suitable for use on all devices from low power single board computers to full servers. For more information, )
  • Simple Homekit Device Integration (without owning any Apple products) Used to connect things like the Aqara - Presence Sensor FP2
  • Support for Aqara's Hub - that way the Aqara hub can do the heavy lifting and then send the data to HE. Similar to what Hue, Lutron, etc. do!

That's a good start.

I've used many hubs over the years, no one hub can/will do everything but in my opinion Hubitat is still the best single hub on the market.


A reliable phone app geofence presence that doesn't drain battery.
All good otherwise.


Who doesn't like Worms?


Just realised I was the one to start this topic... :slight_smile:


In the interest of clarity, you said "documentation" but it sounds like you mean "Rule Machine documentation" specifically? (That being said, expressions and booleans are somewhat advanced features and also not Rule Machine concepts, and I don't think it's appropriate to turn the page into a textbook on discrete mathematics, but if anyone has well reputed references it might make sense to link to or something....)


In no particular order:

  • Increased reliability. Is it a hardware thing or a Java thing? I have no idea.
  • Refresh of built-in drivers. Some drivers have been around forever in spite of increased capabilities added by manufacturers. Or were released with less than complete capabilities. Community has filled in in a lot of cases, but some really ought to be built-in.
  • Improved control UI (some call them "dashboards")
  • A physical remote control. (Maybe buy some of the Harmony IP?).
  • If there is a remote control then a lot of AV integrations would be necessary.
  • Increased price to support the development efforts

Hubitat is a great automation platform. I also use Control4 in my house for (mostly) AV control. Where the 2 systems overlap Hubitat is in many ways a more capable system. Particularly around automation and apps.


My reference was rule machine, as that is where I see it discussed most frequently, but you are correct they can be used in any number of instances.

Maybe a stand-alone primer for those coming into home automation to read up and begin to understand what they are and how to apply them. Yes, a link to a reputable reference would also be acceptable.

This game seems a lot more complicated than I remember...


I didn't mean to say that for the platform itself -- it's really just Rule Machine (or Button Controller/Button Rules -- or, of course, custom apps or drivers). :smiley: What I meant is that the concept itself is borrowed from other fields, which advanced users may already be familiar with: most imperative programming languages, if not the Boolean algebra that it really represents. I guess there could be a link to the Wikipedia page? :slight_smile:


Forget about all these clouds but ideally I would like to see 100% hub-less automations.
These days there is enough processing power in each smart device. The idea is to have
an ability to create local rules right on each control device such as switch, dimmer, plugin
outlet, etc. For instance Shelly toys already have an ability for local scripting.
Of course, it should be some sort of central console for the management of all smart devices
in one place. But all processing should be distributed.

The Dashboard is my biggest (and only) complaint with Hubitat.

Would like to see the return of native Texting capability within Hubitat; presumably with a monthly or annual fee.


as mentioned tls or ssl over telnet so i can get proper email notifications working as most services now require encryption.

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I'd like to see an IU like Homey Pro smart hub


Anything but smoke. /s



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  • Better diagnostics. Wish the hub was better able to say what's wrong with it, or with devices. Users shouldn't have to ask C3PO to talk to the hyperdrive (i.e. use a packet sniffer).
  • The ability to subclass a built-in driver to add functionality, instead of writing a whole new driver.

First thing is better looking dashboards that don't require CSS mastery. It's the main reason I am looking at Home Assistant.
An updated overall UI would be welcomed as well.

  1. Next hub should have a built in speaker. If you dont want to use internet connected speakers you are pretty much screwed.
  2. Bluetooth... see above, this could be a solution to the speaker issue.
  3. Local voice assistant. I just started playing around with Home Assistant's Assist. With a $20 esp32 speaker mic Home Assistant can now do local voice control, although it is still rudimentary. They clearly are having speaker issue too.

tdlr: speaker,speaker,speaker,mic

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