What did you do with your SmartThings hub?

For those of you who have transitioned from SmartThings hub, what did you do with your ST hub after transitioning? Keep it running? Disconnect?

I have kept mine running for the time being. The most useful thing is that I use it as a 2nd presence but on a significantly bigger radius than HE and use that to control the HVACs. The radius is 5+ miles to try and give the HVAC more time to cool/heat house before we arrive home. The HE presence with its smaller radius controls HSM.

I have kept my few Tuya plugs because I don't want to redo all of my IFTTT applets. Implementing @cwwilson08 's TuyaHubitat is beyond me at this point but in the future plans. Finally, I kept my Ring Doorbell on the ST. Since it doesn't have option of direct local access to HE, I don't see a reason to move it over to HE.

I am using Hubconnect but only synchronizing ST hub to HE hub. Nothing from HE hub is mirrored to ST hub. I do power down my ST hub whenever pairing a new ZWave or Zigbee device to HE. I don't know if it matters but it definitely doesn't hurt.

I am curious to hear what others have done. Thank you.

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I powered it off.

Then became involved with HubConnect and had to turn it back on to be a testing option. Now, it just sits there with occasional taps to verify HubConnect questions.


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I built a funeral pyre for mine... Burn baby burn! :wink: :boom::zap::fire::fire::fire: LOL

Ok, I wanted to, but I have an issue with discarding any technology (I'm looking at you Trash80 CoCo that is STILL sitting in my office). So, it now just sits in a box with my other discarded junk.

I was just using mine occasionally to update the firmware on my zigbee devices, since most of my network is zigbee based with only about 16 z-wave devices. I just recently installed Echo Speaks on it and am mirroring my 15 or so echo devices to HE with HubConnect which works amazingly well. I had to change my HE zigbee to channel 15, since ST is on 20, which made me nervous, but I only had to rejoin 5 Hue dimmers, the other 100 devices changed within a couple minutes.

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I use it to still support other locations that I have on SmartThings.

I've used mine to update firmware on a few devices (not generally necessary, but some have had bug fixes, like for the early batches of the SmartThings Buttons introduced last fall). I'm also using the ST cloud for a few Alexa-related features that Hubitat doesn't currently support (mostly thermostats), and despite the fact that communication should be cloud-to-cloud, Alexa still doesn't like it ("not responding" even though it does what I want) if the ST hub itself is disconnected.

So, little-used but connected it sits. Some day, I do hope to get rid of it entirely...

I disconnected mine and threw it in a drawer.

I might resurrect it, though. Maybe to run Echo Speaks.

I'm using mine solely for cloud apps, and using HubConnect to trigger them.
As they're cloud, no need to worry about the local executions :wink: And if its down, well its down.

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I do wish I knew how, or if it's possible to access the Echo attributes from the dashboard. It would be nice to be able to turn down the echo volume and enter text to speak.

I use mine with hubConnect for ST presence which I combine with a few others on HE to make a more reliable presence sensor.

Mine too went in the drawer (storage box) in the closet with its Gen1 brother and the Securifi Almond+. Just to keep them from being lonely.

do you loan out your almond to update firmware on peanuts?

Mine is still sitting in my server room. Right where I set it up. it's unplugged. But it's still in there. Just in case. Been off for 9 months. I unplugged it on January 1, 2019. Turned over a new leaf.

I sold mine but wished I didn't.

I should of kept it. Smartthings has many things that Hubitat isn't compatible with. There is also a connection between the two with hub connect. I went with home assistant but there is no connection between the two yet.

Sadly, "Mr Nobody" visited my house and broke the DC connection on it. I need to open it up and solder a replacement connector on it...but when it works again....sure!



Sold it. Don't miss it one bit.

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Sold it for $20 on the ST forum. Good riddance.

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I still have my Almond+ in perfect working condition. PM me and we can work out a loan.

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Along with (literally) a couple of devices I haven't been motivated enough to migrate, mine is still running Ask Alexa, Logitech hubs, and ActionTiles (love the new animated icons) for my Wink Relays, along with Rule Machine, Core and WebCore and now SMS duties. I will likely keep it in this state until SmartThings decides to abandon these applications. I also have it poke my HE hub every few minutes to make sure it pokes back.

Sold it on ebay for $45 -- about $45 more than it's worth :man_shrugging: