What can I do if my new device isn't working as expected?

OK, Reviews make it clear that there is a steep learning curve in coding...and I am experiencing that!

Hub is connected and the IP websites are functioning. Switches defined. But I can't even figure out how to turn them on and off manually to confirm they are functioning. Tried a basic rule that turns lights on 4 seconds after being turned off. Didn't work. Log says all commands sent correctly.

I threw away my Wink Hub 2. Reviews are crazy good about this unit. What do I do now?


Welcome fellow Wink refugee! Glad you made it to Hubitat.

To test devices, you should go to the Devices tab in the left column, pick a device, and there should be a bunch of buttons in the upper portion of the device's settings page. Things like On and Off buttons are fairly apparent, but things like Level you need to add a number (I.E. 50 for 50% dim) before you hit the button.

You can see the response in the upper right corner of the page, and physically.

  1. What devices (manufacturer/model) have you added to Hubitat?
  2. Have you confirmed you can control them from the Device page for each device (see @neonturbo's example above)?
  3. What app did you program your automation in?

There really isn't much if any coding...

I probably should have added these to my first post. These and their other Youtube videos are very helpful to get started. https://www.youtube.com/c/Hubitat/videos


Thanks 1690!

Well, I did figure that much out. The buttons do nothing. The log says the commands were sent correctly. I'm using a few GE dual-outlet smart modules in Z-Wave protocol. They worked perfectly with Wink and have since been reset to factory. Hubitat recognized them and sets them up, but does not seem to control them. I've deleted everything and started over. Now sitting next to one single GE module with a lamp...reset, identified, and ready. Does not respond. All three modules, so far, respond the same.

Ok. So on that same test page, scroll down. What Device Type (informally called a driver) are they using?

I don't have that exact outlet, but this is a similar Zigbee one. Don't change yours to Zigbee by the way.

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A single GE z-Wave dual outlet module (rebranded as Enbrighten Plug-In Smart Switch ZW4106) with one lamp plugged into Switch-1 . Hubitat recognizes it immediately and sets it up. With the device displayed on the Devices page, I select ON and OFF and even RESET. Nothing happens. Checked with Switch 2 (they aren't marked) with same result. I made a simple Basic test rule (since deleted) that said when Switch-1 was turned on, wait 4 seconds and turn it off. The rule was successfully added to Switch-1. Did not work.

Were you able to find which driver these paired with?

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Is that the 14282-3 module? (printed on the back)
@JasonJoel has one of the versions, that was working at one point.


Driver is Jasco Z-Wave Dual Outlet.

There are no other numbers on the unit. Both the left and right outlets are indeed Z-Wave controllable on this model. Some that look similar have a pass-through outlet on the right side,

Ok that is probably the correct driver, or at least it should work even if partially.

Can you go to the Settings tab, Zwave Details page, and screenshot that. It will be a table with a bunch of columns with your devices listed.

Post it here and we can see if there are issues by looking at that table. It sounds like you aren't getting a complete pairing or are having other Zwave issues.

FIXED. your suggestion to try a different driver did the trick. Funny, the automatic process picked what seemed like the right one...but I changed it from Jasco to GE/Enbrighton and the switch responded immediately to the buttons! Thank you very much for jumping in with suggestions...it gave me confidence to see what I could do!


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Cool! Glad Ranchitat could help. Odd that it didn't work with the actual outlet driver, but sometimes that happens.

You should get in the habit of hitting "Configure" on that device page any time you change drivers. It will tell the hub what the device can do.

Now you can start building Dashboards and Automations! Check out those Youtube videos for how to do both.

Will Do. Thanks, Turbo!

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Checked mine and it's a ZW4106/14282-2 using the Generic Z-Wave Smart Switch driver. Been set up quite a while so drivers might have changed, but it's still working so...



@user1690 Once you get the device working, go to the Hubitat dashboard app, create your dash and expose that device to your dash so you can add a button.


Welcome aboard! Glad you were able to make your device work. You have just experienced the power of Hubitat. Unlike other platforms, Hubitat doesn't limit your possibility of using thousands of different devices. We make an attempt to match the best driver based on the information that the device provides, however, sometimes there is a different driver that works better with a particular device, as you discovered. This approach is both a blessing and a curse - a blessing because you can virtually use any device and a curse because it can be frustrating at times. The best part of it all, is that it gets better once you learn your way around.

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Welcome user1690. I expect you will enjoy this device and you will find plenty of help from experienced and great people. I see you have already gotten the help you needed.


@user1690 I feel your pain. I'm self taught and built my automations with nothing other than help from this forum. I don't know any other smartphone owners who could guide me but I've found my way with lots of reading and tinkering. Keep the questions coming because there's always a lifeline on this forum. People are very accommodating...Stu


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