What are some cool raspberry pi “server” type projects?

I have homebridge, pivpn, and pihole. I used to have home assistant, but didn’t like it. Jw, what have y’all done

Here is a rabbit hole: Look into Node-Red https://nodered.org/

That should keep you busy for a few months :rofl:


NodeRed #FTMFW! (and just node.js in general).


I’ve used node red. I don’t like it, lol thanks those

You should try the 1.0 version. They've improved it greatly. However, yeah, I often fall back to just good, simple node.js when I need something simple and NodeRed makes it more difficult than it should be.

I made mention of lightshowpi (http://lightshowpi.org) in your original thread. This is one of my 3 boxes that I have built running a portion my holiday lights (Halloween, Thanksgiving and XMas):

It's a rPI 3B with an 8 channel 2.0 amp SSR relay board pushing 32 strings of led lights enclosed in a weatherproof box. I have two others running as well. They all stream holiday music from an IceCast/Mopidy server I have running on another rPi and create a light show. It's my favorite project that I've ever done with a rPI. I also have them tied into HE (to turn on the lights at dusk and off at midnight). :smiley:


I have a bunch of Nodejs servers that I use with Hubitat:


With the Logitech one can I make those home control bottoms control a zwave fan?

It lets Hubitat control your Harmony, not the other way about.


No, unfortunately not.

Also, please use the much newer and faster performing webSocket version of my Harmony Hub integration. No Raspberry Pi required whatsoever. :wink:


Since they discontinued the extender they should have made that possible, now those buttons are kinda useless

This is a hobby I keep telling myself one day I want to do. :slight_smile:

Bet it becomes expensive.

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Depends on how you go with the lights... I can build a box for around $80 total and it'll last for years. Now that lightshowpi can control Pixels, it gets expensive for the LEDs(~$15-$20 for a string of 50). But, a string of 100 LED lights can be had for a lot less and that makes up the bulk of my display. I do have about 6000 pixels right now hung around the exterior of my house and have had them there for a few years now, so it was a good investment.

Those "Smart Home Buttons" can still be used with other Logitech integrations. For example, if you have Lutron Caseta or Philips Hue, you can map those lights directly to the Harmony remote's buttons without involving Hubitat whatsoever. Hubitat will still get updates from Lutron or Hue when that happens.

The big issue is that Logitech has stopped accepting new integrations at this time. Hubitat has previously stated they would like to create a native integration once Logitech opens things back up.


Hey @aaiyar - Are you running this on a PC or RaspberryPi?
I just ordered a Raspberry Pi and and looking for the best way to get a NodeJS server running on it.

may I suggest:


Fantastic, thank you!

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Currently this. Way faster than an RPi. But consumes much less energy than a PC.