What are people doing for blinds?

Those ikea ones seem PERFECT only they’re gray. I have 4 smaller windows, so $300 per is out of budget. Curious, what do y’all do?

I have zebra smart roller shades.


$400 but don’t they do like 1/2 off Often? I’m looking to pay $1000 for all 4

Here's the link to the promotion. Neil is awesome at support as well.

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$245, perfect. Thx

Waiting patiently (or trying to) for LeafiHome to release their solution...

UPDATE: The blind controllers work amazingly well. Scheduled and very functional.
Still wifi only with no API, but work is in progress. Also still on Beta (I am a Beta tester)

Thanks for the Tag. A bit late to respond but feel free to hit me with questions.

For my blinds, I use an MQTT solution which is sold by MK Smarthouse to control my mini-blinds. You can buy self-assemble kits starting at $28.99 or assembled (add $15 each). There are discounts for purchases of 10+ units. You can also use the discount code presented when you open the site to get a little extra off of the purchase. I've had 9 installed for 2+ years with no issues. You will need an MQTT Broker like Mosquitto, but it's really simple to setup. I leverage Node Red to expose them to Hubitat. Each blind has a virtual dimmer device created in Hubitat that Node-Red monitors for state and sends MQTT messages to the Broker to control the individual blind controllers.

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Zemismart Zigbee blinds. Only one I have ever used, works well. Had to read instructions to work out how to set limits :man_shrugging:

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I’m currently deciding between these and the driver ones