Went back to smarthings [But came back]


OMG, a release delivery estimate?


Is there a lower committal word than "probably" ?? :smiley:




Both "maybe" and "forget it" would fit.


"could be"
"might be"
"should be"

There's LOTS.


"chances are"
"depending on the phase of the moon and the alignment of the stars"


"in your dreams"


Who was the user who opened a thread that he was bored and he needed a new firmware to play? he got the lottery quickly so he should open another thread like that :joy:


I think it was @aaron.


Just an update on my hubitat journey...

So far, so good! Automations are fast inspite of me having a few apps and automations set up. One thing I particularly like is that HSM's arming and disarming can be separate from the hub's mode. With smartthings arming and disarming meant changing the hubs mode. The big difference is I can have mode changes based on time of day with hubitat and automations based on that irrespective of if I have armed the system with the keypad. I love that. I also love how rule machine makes it easy to have 1 rule that runs differently based on the different modes.

One observation though which I prefer from webcore is that when an automation has a timer and is triggered, the countdown is shown in webcore. So if a light is to turn off 3 minutes after motion stops, in webcore I can see the 3 minutes counting down beside the piston. It's handy especially when testing automations. I doubt many people would find that useful though.

All in all, I am very impressed with the system and when 2.0.6 fixes the keypad issue I have, it will basically be set it and forget it for me which I know the wife will love lol.


Yeah, I used to use that a lot in webcore. Closest to that now is to go into the rule, click the gear in the upper right, scroll to bottom and see when the next action is scheduled.


We're glad you gave HE a second chance. At the very least, you helped others get new functionality they didn't even know existed.

If you get fed up and decide to leave again, make sure to post the hidden features we didn't know we had/needed. :wink:


Updated to 2.0.6 and removed and reset the iris keypad and added it back. Still having the same issue where the lights stay on when arming and disarming.


This is an issue with the keypad itself.


It can't be, because it didn't do this with the smartthings device handler. It also stays on when disarming which also doesn't happen with ST device handler.


Please post a link to the driver you mention. I'm not saying there isn't a workaround software wise, but I've not found it yet, a newer version of the same v2 keypad does not do this.


Here you go!

Does this happen with the xfinity keypad? I'd rather not have to spend any money if it can be fixed but I also know in the grand scheme of things this isn't a massive deal and more important things are there to be done...


no it doesn't, nor does it happen with newer versions of the V2.


Sorry, but yes, it happens to the Xfinity centralite keypad, my wife leaves every morning the light in the keypad turned on after disarming stay mode. Waving the hand will turn on all the lights then all turn off.


well this must be something new, so off to that issue.