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Just because being an engineer can at times give us fat heads, I published the driver you posted to my ST account, fired up my hub, and my sniffer and attempted to join the device, the join never completed as far as the keypad was concerned, nor did ST ever present a default device, or any device for that matter.
It received its 16 bit address, and the transport key but never completed the IAS cluster sequence...
So I don't know how this keypad can work perfectly on ST since I was unable to even get it joined, much less test the functionality of the reference driver that was posted.


Not new but I thought it was related


Is there a possibility of THREE firmware versions?


Check the join info here


I don't get your point here, I know how to factory reset the keypad as well as publish a driver in st...
Have another read of my observations.

I would love to see a video of the specific keypad in question working as you say in ST using the ST driver.


Unfortunately I've removed everything I can from ST and reset the hub (put it up for sale). Didn't mean any offense by posting the link, just wondered if doing things the way they specified allowed the device to join and work properly.

I'm curious why no manufacturer has tried to make a readily available and compatible zigbee or z-wave keypad as I think they would sell quite well on the various smart home systems.


Yeah. Centralite seems to be the only game in town.


But even then from what I read, they don't directly to the public which is just strange.


Vesta makes several supposedly. Difficult to know if their actually Zigbee or mislabelled. You'll need to contact them to see what can be sourced directly. They might send a sample unit.

Z-Wave is difficult. There are some EU sellers, but you're then talking about a different Z-Wave frequency from the US.

The analogue to Zigbee keypad @iharyadi experimented with is a nice DIY project. Potentially gives you a huge range of keypad designs to choose from.


Those are ugly though lol


Which ones, the Vesta? Make your own then. If it's ugly, you know who to blame :wink:


LOL. Wish the ring one worked with other devices.


Ive got the lame firmware v2 version working without leaving the lights on when armed from the keypad when an exit delay is set, however to do this it uses a non accelerating beep cycle, there is no getting around this.
I'm also going to split these drivers up, the three different models I have work differently enough that trying to jack them all into one is not doing anything for my attitude...


I don't mind the non accelerated beeps! As long as the lights stay off :grin:. Thanks so much for your efforts!


What about this keypad? It's not quite the same device, but it does have its merits:


Or the Ring Alarm keypad? It's zwave. I have one brand new. @mike.maxwell if I ship the Ring keypad to you, could you get a driver? Then ship back the keypad? Actually I have the motion and the repeater, never used them.


Sure, it will be a while though...
I will be swamped for at least the next two months...


No problem, anyway I'm not using it, do you want the motion and the repeater?


Not really, unless the multipack price makes the whole kit a super deal.


Ok, pm me the address you want the keyboard sent. Thanks.