Went back to smarthings [But came back]


Huh, that thing has hope, $50 bucks, not horrible to look at...


Yep, i think it's nice, I will pm you lol


pretty thick for what it is...



Come on, don't kill the hope :grinning:

It's rechargeable...


Might be able to hide the Hubitat C-5 Hub inside. :smiley:


Surprised an outdoor keypad still doesn't exist.


@mike.maxwell You should put up a donation box or something for this keypad. I actually tried to get the Ring keypad to work first before I tried the Iris/Centralite ones. The Ring one looks so much nicer. I would totally donate a few bucks to get a driver for this keypad.

The biggest issue I ran into is that it wouldn't pair with HE at all. So I worry/suspect that Ring has done something non-standard with it ti prevent it from being paired to non-Ring hubs.



Is there any fixes for the lagging automations?


I've reveled more than a few times that I have three hubs interlinked now. Coming up on two months now. Lagging is not eliminated but it's so highly reduced, I don't rush to the computer and gather logs and evidence to send to Support. The lag length, when it does happen is just as lengthy as the past. 5-27 seconds, but the interval between is quite large these days. Because the house is so fully automated, I don't pay much attention anymore but there are 2-3 places where the timing is very tight. I have a "Guest Bathroom" that is my measuring stick. It's motion controlled lighting and I insist that the light come on before a guest can get their finger on a switch. So it's gotta be less than 800ms and less than 500ms is quite within it's capability. It's a ZWave motion sensor so it's already eaten 250ms just waking and sending. Hubitat hasn't missed meeting my demand in days.. but when it does, it's not even close. So... I always complain about THAT to support. Those two devices show up on their Tickets too much :slight_smile: But it's been more than a month since I've reported it.


Honestly I don't think is as much the bandwidth that is taking but the fact the more devices you have the more input/output traffic is needed and the hub is not able to handle those peaks of information (by the way I have seen a lot of this on Java based applications that are single threaded, I do hope HE is multithread).
Hopefully they can improve this lags....


What do you think HE is if it lock up and you still can access on ip:8081?......


I don't think I have that many devices at just 22 and only 1 is z wave (my siren) but consistency is all over the place. I posted yesterday about moving all my automation to RM and setting improvements but when I came home the wife said the lights have been slow to come on. In the logs they look fine, less than 300ms but physically testing with my own eyes it's much longer than that most times. I went to the motion sensor's device page and they change to active right as I enter the room. I then went to the bulb's page and they change to on in the app real quick too but the actual lights don't come on for a few moments and that's where I see the inconsistency. The time between when the hub sends the on command to the build and when the build actually responds.

Out of curiosity I moved the motion sensor and bulbs in my bathroom back to Smartthing last night to test. They all run locally on ST and I used smart lighting which runs locally as well and the results were more consistent and faster. I know it's just 3 devices on the hub but even with that few in HE the results I got were still not consistent.

Gonna try to switch all the lights and motion sensors back to smarthings and test it over a few days


So I just did another round of testing. I moved one light and one motion sensor to ST in my Bathroom and I kept the other light and other motion sensor on HE. I used smart lighting and simple lighting respectively to set the automation to turn each respective bulb on. I first tested by putting both sensors face down then lifting them both with my right hand. Both lights came on about the same time. In some tests it happened exactly the same time (to my eye) and sometimes HE won while other times ST won but both were very fast and would be acceptable.

I then went to the kids bathroom and the lag was there as I stepped into the room :weary:. Went back and tested my Bathroom by positioning the sensors for when I walk into the room and both worked very fast and came on at almost exactly the same time. I had paused my RM rules affecting my Bathroom so at this point I turned them all back on but noticed no real difference in speed vs ST. I left the lights alone for 15 minutes without messing with them then went back and tested and they were both still quite fast. Tested kids bathroom and they were fast consistently now as well.

Could my issue be one of interference? The automations move fast in the mornings (I had tested at the crack of dawn yesterday too) and by evening into night they seem to get sluggish.


The thing that puzzles me is the gross difference in delays you are seeing when an actuation is from the device page vs. when a RM rule executes the on/off (assuming that is still an issue). Both events would be subject to to the same environment; the difference in performance would be the delays introduced by stuff going on in the hub when the rule executes.

When I first got my hub I used it to control my kitchen under counter lights with a motion detector while I still had a kitchen sink light and motion detector controlled by an automation running local on ST. Both motion sensors activated the same time and there was no discernible difference between the hubs in the times that the lights actuated; any delays would have been very noticeable (especially since this is a very busy part of the house).

I still don't see any noticeable delays with my hub with these devices; the only variable delays I really notice with the hub are the page load times when I'm using the web UI. I have about 70 devices, roughly split between Z-Wave and Zigbee, several dozen rules and an instance of WebCoRE running. The houses in my neighborhood are on fairly large lots and I don't have any foreign wifi networks within range. FWIW, I never noticed any lags when all these devices were on ST, either; even cloud automations ran acceptably well.


I see good, (almost instant) response times from all of my motion detectors. I've got old Ecolinks that are not Z-wave Plus. Also have a good number of Monoprice Z-wave plus units. And recently I've added 2 of the newest STs sensors that are Zigbee. I'll be buying more of those.

I've see a pattern of slow response when a room is hot from cooking or in a steamy bathroom after a kid has taken a 25 minute long hot shower. I've not yet tested the new STs detectors in a hot environment. The other night I had a fire burning in a can about 18' feet away from the back door sensor that causes porch lights to come on. Until that fire went out the motion detector did not pick up anyone walking towards it.

I am seeing that slow down you described @Tony. I just clicked on a device on the device page. It took 9 seconds for that page to load and I see that on both my main C4 hub and a new C5 hub. I did not see that until the 2.0.5 firmware update happened. I would like to see this issue resolved.

When it comes to response times for devices I'm amazed at how fast commands to Google Home happen. I have a bedtime routine that when I say the command those lights go off so fast it's hard to believe there's any cloud in the mix. And in this bedtime routine there are at least a half dozen lights involved.


Is there a post where you listed your devices, the models, the apps you're using, the drivers you're using and any custom code you've installed? Just asking as it would be as benefit for other to look at an see if something sticks out.

Also, and I apologize if you've already posted this, but are there errors of any kind in your logs? Doesn't have to be from the device that is slow to cause the hub, and thus other devices to slow down if there are a ton of error messages being generated by something. I've found this happening many times. Often it's been a Homebridge error (just an example).


Amazon Canada is selling this for the equivalent US exchange rate, instead of an inflated price. I'm super interested in this too. Haven't really been interested in keypads before, but this one isn't bad looking as you mentioned. Plus, Ring is on my short list of alarm alternatives, so it could serve me either way.


Just a quick share on the new ST motion sensors. Lowes has them listed incorrectly for $19.99 (their site has basically swapped the motion sensor with the multipurpose sensor). If you try to order from them they'll send the multipurpose sensor (the model number is incorrect as well) but if you do like I did and went to best buy, they'll price match it! I bought 5 for the price of 4 this way with the unintended $5 discount thanks to lowes mistake :blush:. You can check lowes here.


if this device doesn't pair straight out of the box as a device in HE, we're going to be a long way off from a driver...


@vjv or @csteele, can either of you pair this OTB?