Went back to smarthings [But came back]


I'm on xfinity as well here in Houston and I don't think I've had any internet outages in the last 6 months that I've lived here.


If that's the case and it's a feature of the bulb then it should be implementable on HE. Well, even if it's not a feature of the bulb...if it can be done by smartthings HE should be able to do it as well the how can be ascertained


When I say designed for this case, I mean being power cycled. Since they are not Zigbee repeaters, powering them off won’t hurt anything. Whether or not they send out a last gasp Zigbee ‘off’ event, that is still to be determined... :wink:. That’s why I ordered one!


Not sure if it's feasible.
He is slightly different from ST on that regards.

As far I can ascertain, feel free to show that I'm wrong, HE does not actively monitor/checks states of devices/events/rules etc. HE passively respond to triggers when it receives them and than based on pre determined conditions it executes automations.
Hence unless a event is sent to HE, HE will always assume the last record state as the actual state. HE does not perform what can be defined as a heart beat or health check.
HE does however a heart beat/health check of its own internal components like the zigbee and zwave radios.

Hope to be proven wrong on this one, and that in fact HE Proactively does this checks.

Disclaimer: This is solely based on what I read on the forum and no testing as been carried out by me. This is due that I have opted for all my bulbs to be connected through Philips hue. Directly connected to the hub I only have network or battery operated devices. HE cannot proactively check health status of battery devices due to their sleep patterns.


I would say that's plausible. I'm also willing to bet you have to set an attribute value to get the bulb to do that.

FWIW.. This was reported by another member a long time ago.


Talking from the HA noob perspective again.... but I saw RM has the ability to select Actions for Capture State and Poll.

Although having a rule to constantly capture the state or poll a device sounds like a major mesh issue, even if your just doing bulbs.

Maybe just have repeaters capturing bulb status and report back to HE if it changes?



Do you see anything special about the configuration parameters being sent to these bulbs in the ST DTH?


Nothing in there, that's as about as basic as a driver gets...


@mike.maxwell the only thing that I see is on/off reporting is set to a minimum of 0 seconds. Is that what you’re setting it to in the HE driver?


Just on/off reporting set to a 0 sec min, 300 max. Wonder what HE sets the minimum to?

What bulb did you order? May have to play around with the sniffer to see what is in the conversation pairing it to ST.


I must say I do have the upmost respect for the OP for having the patience to go back to SmartThings.

I left that platform for Homeseer and on to Hubitat. It’s been maybe a year I forgot to stop the system down emails from Smarthings and like clockwork they still come in like once every 2 weeks saying the system is down for some stupid reason.

Me and my wife’s patience wore thin with Smarthings going down and leaving us high and dry with no automations so I switched to Homeseer then to Hubitat because of HSM, my point being I wish I was as patient with Smarthings and stayed with them to save some time and money but if I did I would have had to slam my head against a brick wall dealing with there platform being down so often.


I still have my house on ST, my condo is on Hubitat and I plan to use Hubitat at my next condo this summer.

After using Hubitat at my condo in a relatively simple setup - Hubitat is great but not perfect. I could say the same about ST.

If my ST Hub at home were to fail I would likely replace it with Hubitat but I would have to sacrifice some features (actiontiles - need pin on HSM time, WebCoRE, Knock detection, Stringify, mobile app, unlimited text alerts, etc...)

I have over a hundred devices connected to my ST setup at home. I will switch to Hubitat if SmartThings goes downhill (Hun failure or new app) OR if Hubitat matches/exceeds ST features and 3rd party app don’t result in crashes. I am hoping on the latter.

Btw any Rule Machine experts? I need help with this: Connecting August Lock Pro


This is the Sengled bulb I ordered. It is the same model that @toyanucci mentioned in an earlier post.

It would be great to have you analyze the traffic to see what is going on. Thanks!


Just ordered one... Still have SmartThings in the basement so I'll capture that conversation and see what I find. :slight_smile:


It's also great for status...


Especially when troubleshooting failed automations.. :slight_smile:


Currently cluster 0006 reporting is disabled for bulbs, I am slowly working through a different reporting config for bulbs, when I get to testing this, I'll check what each of the bulbs I own report at mains on and off if anything.


I wrote about this issue a couple of weeks back. Thanks for adding the video @toyanucci to make the point.

I've got a couple of dumb switched smart bulb locations where the kids would turn these switches on and leave them on. Both locations don't have a neutral wire so it makes sense to leave them as is with a smart bulb.

I'd forgotten about having webcore rules that handled turning these smart bulbs off after x minutes if found on and how the state of these bulbs showed up properly in the Smartthings App. Over the years I had Cree, GE, and Sengled bulbs in these 2 figures. So the manufacturer of bulbs apparently did not matter.

As @toyanucci wrote this breaks automations and refreshing or polling as I'm doing now is not the answer.


I'll do the same when the Sengled arrives (unless you have one already). Since HE is not processing those reports, and ST is, my educated guess is the bulb is setting an on/off report when it loses power and the hub is not parsing it.

This should be an easy test by porting the generic ST Zigbee driver and seeing if that corrects the behavior.



Another thanks for posting the example. I'm yet another Iris user looking for a home, wandering the forums trying to fully understand the options, and make a decision on a replacement system that has minimal impact to the WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor). Iris absolutely had it's faults, but I did not think finding a replacement would take this much effort. I'm trying to avoid two systems to close the gap with basic simple security and automation, but it's taking a good bit of research. And I will also say that the responsiveness of the Hubitat forums is nice.