Went back to smarthings [But came back]


Thank you for the video. That is very interesting and I’d love to know how ST is detecting the Off event.

Can you please share a link to the exact model of Sengled bulb used in the video? I may need to buy one to play around with it.

Thanks again for taking the time to make and share the video!


Thank you for sharing the video. I never would have guessed that was possible on any platform.


This is probably done with some “polling” to check the device?


That was my original thought, but how do you poll a device, that theoretically, should be dead?


After a while of being off it shows the device as being unavailable but one flick of the switch and it shows as on again.

Here's the link to the bulb


I was actually trying to figure this out myself. I was womdering if they had polling setup (like they do to solve the issue with the ge switches) that markes the bulb as off when it stops responding.

That is the only way I think it can do that unless the bulb has a capacitor with just enough juice to send an 'im shutting down' message.

Either way it's very interesting.


I never used lamps on ST. Always through hue
But I think hue also checks if the lamps are connected every x secs
So if detects no response it shows as off and after x more secs shows as unavailable if no response sec time.
Might be wrong. Will try tomorrow.


If the device is off it is unreachable, polling is the only thing I can think of, but I’m a noob. :thinking:


I thought the same as you, but it's possible ST might consider any "offline" bulb to also just be "off." (Hubitat, of course, simply remembers its last actual state.) However, I just tried with a different brand of bulb on ST--an Osram Lightify RGBW A19 bulb--and cutting power to the bulb when it was on (in every sense) did not make the ST app think it was off. Either there is something special about the bulbs above, or ST treats different ones differently but does not do as I assumed it might across the board.


Oh wow you ditched HE because you didn’t understand groups?!? Really? ST doesn’t even know the concept of groups. I want you to try that again with your internet unplugged. Love to see your video then. Bet nothing works which is 90% the case with ST and why many of us left ST due to lack of local execution especially with WiFi based bulbs.


I just bought one to experiment with. The Sengled Color bulbs do not appear to send a power off Zigbee message with their last dying breath. Maybe the Classic bulbs do? I may have to pull out my ST hub to make sure I can reproduce the behavior @toyanucci demonstrated in his video. There could be a difference in hardware revisions over the years, or firmware changes that are needed for this behavior to work. Lots of possibilities.

I doubt ST is polling for powered down bulbs that quickly just to set their status to off. In the video, the status changed immediately. It has to be a some sort of power off event, I think...:thinking:


It's interesting that ST shows the bulbs as off when you physically remove power. I have some Sengled classic bulbs and I used them when I was on ST. But I never thought about powering them off with a dumb switch. I'm not sure why you would buy a smart bulb and turn it on and off with a dumb switch. Once you have power removed, you remove the "smart" part of it and lose the ability to control it any other way which would be why I bought the smart bulb to begin with.


As I said, my internet almost never goes out and I have almost no issues with smartthings. Most of the automations I do have are ran locally as well. All my devices except for the iris keypad uses their default device handlers and thus can be ran locally if automated using the smart lights app which I do. So please, before jumping to any conclusions or even talking about groups which isn't even a factor in the conversation, take some time to comprehend what is being discussed.



He never stated that he had an issue with groups. Re-read his originally post. He has discovered a very interesting behavior of Sengled Element Classic bulbs on ST...


Here are screenshots of the ide when I physically turned the switch off that's powering the sengled bulb. I am using my bathroom lights as I've put the kids to bed. As you can see it actually triggers an even. I've also included a screenshot showing the device type being used which is the default.


Wait is that the bulb or a switch?


That's the bulb


It is a smart bulb, being physically powered on and off by a dumb switch. Sengled bulbs are designed specifically to handle this use case, and well as being dimmed by a dumb dimmer switch.


You are lucky. I am on Xfinity and my internet outages is weekly.


Got it, sorry didn’t scroll down enough lol. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: