Wehere M501 Smart Door Lock Stronger Motor TUYA Zigbee Smart Lock

Has anyone any idea if there's a way to make to make a Wehere lock to work on He? Like any driver or integration so I can literally open, close and create rules?
I have the Zigbee version of it that needs the hub and there's the Wehere app as well.
That's the link of what I have

Seems unlikely. Tuya may use zigbee as the transport, but I bet there’s a proprietary layer of encryption over that, especially because the product page makes no mention of zigbee 3.0 or ZHA 1.2.

@kkossev would know the real answer, so I’m tagging him.

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Tuya Zigbee locks have a very complex communication protocol, it is unlikely these will have a Hubitat driver anytime soon…