Zigbee Lock Commands - I don't understand


I'm playing around with a Zigbee door lock, trying a couple of different drivers to see what happens, but I'm lost on what I suspect is blatantly obvious. Nonetheless, it has me confused.

Can anyone explain to me what all the different code segments are for?

Does your lock support codes? What model is it?

As in pin codes?

It's not Yale, Schlage or Kwikset.

  • manufacturer: _TYST12_bfejtdig
  • model: TY0A01

Do the lock and unlock commands work? As it is a Tuya device, there is a possibility that your lock will not work with a built-in Hubitat driver.

Perhaps our resident Tuya driver guru @kkossev can investigate this.

Do you mean the commands with "code" in their name? Most are for adding or removing codes or related to that functionality. "Get Lock Codes" and "Set Code Length" are of the latter type. The first fetches code positions and codes from the lock and stores it in the lock codes attribute under "Current States" (that way, apps can use this data, which will normally include a usable name if you added the code from the hub, e.g., to see who unlocked the door). The second tells the driver what code length your lock supports (again so apps can work better with the lock).

But if your lock isn't using standard clusters, and a Tuya device very well may not, you'll probably need a custom driver to make them actually work.

When I click Get Codes I only receive the following info

Nah they don’t

This lock does not work (yet) with any home automation systems other than Tuya.
Do you have a Tuya ZIgbee gateway?

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That would indicate you need a custom driver

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Try integrating the lock to Hubitat via Alexa or HomeKit.

This is extremely complex device to be integrated directly to any system other than Tuya.


If any developer is interested - this is the low-level protocol of another Tuya lock

Tuya developer specifications for residential locks:

Tuya developer specifications for 'business' locks: