Webhook to update

I know this has been asked before, and I'm going to ask this again.

Can we get a simple web hook for updates?

Let me explain why I believe this is justifiable. I am not asking for you to force automatic updates down people's throats (like windows). All I am asking for is a simple web hook to trigger updates. This will make it easier for people who UNDERSTAND THE RISKS to auto-update. Now, any novice user could enable auto update in settings, break something, and use up your resources. But, especially if you coat this option in a warning, us techies who have the know-how to schedule calling web hooks will be able to do so.

I understand the risks of auto-update. It is also possible to roll back up to 2 versions if necessary. In the pi-hole community, while it isn't posted anywhere, there is a terminal command allowing me to auto-update via cron. Even though the staff kept on warning me of breaking changes, which I am willing to accept & face the consequences of without bothering support, I have not experienced ANY issues with auto-update for the past two years. So I am requesting that hubitat do a webhook, allowing techy people to do auto update. It would require barely any dev effort: just have it check for updates, and do one if it is there.

Finally, my last request is for the web hook to have some place to put an API key so that people using secure login can enjoy this benefit as well.

There have already been at least two instances in the community when users have felt their hubs have “auto-updated” without their knowledge. And this despite all updates being user-initiated and requiring confirmation.

Therefore, I think it is extremely unlikely Hubitat would ever build an auto-update function (even if it is opt-in). For one thing it would be a support nightmare.


I agree with @aaiyar. While you would be willing to accept crapping out your hub, the dev's would not be willing to accept that.

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Could you not just use the Remote Admin service to do the update?

Or even something like Team Viewer or a similar method if you have an always on computer somewhere in that network.


Im not asking for auto update, Im asking for a webhook to update. This would be very hard for amateurs to use to cause auto updating. This would also mean that the devs/support wont get many more complaints.

About remote admin / teamviewer, both cost a lot of money that I wouldnt otherwise need. But you gave me an idea: I might be able to create a program to click the notifs button & update if one is there.

As long as the PC isn't on a domain, teamviewer is free. You can also set up a free VPN instead to connect from wherever you are.


Oh, I already have a free vpn, but my intention is to use the web hooks to auto update via cron (linux raspberry pi server)

Please keep us updated on your progress. I look forward to hearing how this approach goes for you.

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Hey, I know its been nearly 2 years, but I finally found a solution:

Im running this on one of my linux servers right after the script takes a backup and uploads it to google drive.