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Just simple question, I installed webcore and setup openweathermap but I have almost no idea on how to pull data from it. Is there a wiki on this? I only found $twcweather from ST wich is well explained. I remember it have a seting page somewhere in the webcore instance with a kind of json but unable to find it anymore (maybe gone with an update). Its hard to figure out all options like current conditions or forecast...etc I m able to use $weather.current.temp but the data is different from the web meteo for my city and the coords are right within webcore setings... Also, my hub settings are ok but webcore still gives the temp value in F but should be in C.

api.weather.gov might interest you. It's what I use with webcore.

I use my webrequest from inside webcore directly to get some data from my on the road coords and use builtin $weather to get my house data and it should works well but I just have those problems to pull out the data from builtin weather. I checked in the openweathermap website and its looks like I m always on the 3.0 servers even if the toggle is on 2.5.



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I have installed all that need to be installed, set all key and select 2.5 server for the api... Within the piston, the weather dump is not there anymore, not inside the main instance of webcore and not inside the weather webcore devices. I use the openweathermap site in the json example to see how to extract data but as I said, no difference between 2.5 and 3.0 and the data is in wrong format. I set up my hub to be C but webcore still in F. There is something strange!

I'm not sure I understand

the weather dump is within the webcore storage app. If that is not there, it suggests you did not setup weather right in webcore main, or there is a key issue for your weather provider.

I had it because I saw it few weeks ago… but its not there anymore, cannot find it…
How can ai check if this storage app is there and how to install it? For now I have webcore instace with weather child device.

you should see under apps code:

Screenshot 2023-02-21 at 9.40.37 PM

installed under HE console -> apps code

then if configure weather correctly in the main webcore app
he console -> apps -> webCoRE

you should see under HE console -> apps

Screenshot 2023-02-21 at 9.42.06 PM

the storage app, and this is where you would see the dump

I made the install through the built in app, should it be there or must I install it from github repo?

Ok, I found it, I just miss it through all my piston…
I see the data…
But why the data comes in the wrong format? I filled those in my settings…

Not sure what 'wrong' format means...

The temp is in F and I set up my hub for C for example… I taught that it takes the data from there to make the request… there is no other settings for that…

Are you not using the builtin weCoRE app?

Yes, I installed webcore from the builtin app...

Hi, just a little question, is it possible to have multiple of webcore instance and set one to openweathermap 2.5 and the other on 3.0 ? I have 5 webcore instance installed and I have the first one set to 3.0 with the key that I got on openweathermap api key (2.5) and all other instance are on the 2.5 server. Seems to work except that the log show error 400 bad request for the webcore storage (2nd instance) that is on 2.5
All other on 2.5 are silent...and the first one on 3.0 also silent in the log...and I get values in my expressions in my piston, but flipping the switch to 2.5 or 3.0 gives no changes in the data...
Since I have not complete the subscription for 3.0 server on openweathermap site, I was wondering on how it was considered on the hubitat side... What can you tell me on this? Thanks

If you have a user install of webcore, make sure you are to latest (HPM repair)

If using built-in install, there is a fix coming for open weather 2.5 vs 3 selection.

webcore should support multiple instances otherwise.

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