Webcore wait time issue

my webcore pistons are acting crazy for the last few days.. i've pinned it down to something wierd with the timer..

in the following

If motion is Inactive for 20 secs
turn light off

The "turn light off" is never executed

Is anyone else experiencing some strangeness with Webcore ?

I have not noticed anything.

To all, I wasted endless hours on this but I finally resolved the problem.. The unfortunate part is that I dont know what the root cause was..

The Problem:
Scheduled timers were not working .. This affected all times functions and delayed functions.. ie. Turn light off after motion detector is inactive for 5 mins.

To resolve:

  • Database save
  • soft reset
  • Database restore

After that all was back to normal...

So I suppose Webcore was using a timer function from Hubitat that wasnt working ?? perhaps ??

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No, it sounds like you had database corruption. The “save, soft reset, restore” dance causes all of the good database records to be written out as a part of the backup, such that corrupt ones are skipped, and the restore then reloads the records, one by one.

thanks for the explanation.... sounds like thats the ultimate "ctrl-alt-del" for the hub.

I've noticed that i'm running into many of these strange issues lately (this is the second time in a month that i've soft reset) - wondering if the most recent software updates have made the system more susceptible to issues.

I don’t know the answer to that, but I do know that Victor (@gopher.ny) has been hardening the backup/restore process to make it more robust and proactive in detecting problems.

At one point during the succession of 2.2.9 updates, for some reason, there were two copies of all database records in the database on my hub; something about a record locking error during a database commit. It was running merrily along just fine, no apparent errors, until the next backup/firmware update/reboot cycle, when it wouldn’t boot. At that point I noticed that the database had doubled in size a few days previously. Doing a soft reset and restoring a normal size local copy downloaded database from before the event restored operation.

I sent the problematic backups to Victor, he poked around on them, and added some defensive code and logging to the internal engineering logs on the hub.

From my standpoint, the reliability has gotten much better over the 2.2.9 release cycle. My hub runs about 5 degrees F cooler, the CPU load is minimal now, and the Database size has gotten dramatically smaller and never slowly creeps in size. I never reboot except for firmware updates.

As a webcore only user, this thread has intrigued me but I can't say that I'm experiencing similar symptoms at all. I tried to do an update from HPM so I'm assuming I'm on the most recent version of webcore and I'm a HE beta so I think I have the new new on everything. I haven't noticed any instability and I have a pretty chatty house.

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wow.. how do you check the size of the database - just by exporting it or is there tools to see real time ?


or if you want to add it to RM, etc. I’d recommend

Well, every morning (default at 2:15 am, check Settings, Backup and Restore) the hub makes a backup and saves it on the hub. That’s so you can roll back to an earlier database, and, if the hub chokes on a boot because of a corrupt database, it can automatically try a few older ones to get you going again. The table of past backups (Settings, Backup and Restore) shows their size.

You can also make and download a local copy onto your computer and look at the size of the file.

Or, in real time, you can install Jean May’s (@thebearmay’s) excellent Hub Information driver (use Hubitat Package Manager, search for Hub Monitor), create a virtual device using that driver, put a html tile on your dashboard, and see all the stats in real time.

Edit: as you can see, Jean May was typing as I was, but faster. Sigh. You will be old and slow someday, too.


LOL, I’m not that far behind you - retired once, and thinking about it again…

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sorry for the the dumb question but I put that url https://raw.githubusercontent.com/thebearmay/hubitat/main/hubInfo-Hubconnect.groovy
into the HPM url search to load it and it appears to indicate that its not a proper package file.

am I doing something wrong ?

672southmain, thebearmay - thank you.. you guys are awesome !!


I have to say that the Help on Hubitat , from people like you , is far far better than Ive seen on anything for ST !! thanks again !!


The package file for it would be


But most people use a keyword search like “Hub Information Device”

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I understand that the next release will control my Keurig machine.

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It does seem to have a wee bit more to it than the original vision, but a Keurig…hmmm that has potential :sunglasses:

Edit: Found a Smart version of the Keurig, now just need to figure out the API :crazy_face:


Can you PM me your hub's id, I can take a look at the engineering logs on the hub? That may have clues.

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