Webcore - List global variables and pistons that use them?

Is there any way to list global variables (@ and @@) in webcore and which pistons use them. I am not very good at variable management. I would like to delete unused variables.

  • if you have 'full' debug enabled on main webCoRE application, there is now a report of global variables in use (variable with piston list)
    • HE console -> apps -> webCoRE -> Settings -> Dump global variables in use
    • this is updated as pistons run, so paused pistons will not add to the in-use report

See in webcore thread: (the Previous Update Sept 17, 2022 section in the first note)


Perfect. Exactly what I needed. I don't know how I missed that in my updates. Thanks!

One thing that I did notice here...and I think that I am correct. If a global variable is defined and used in several pistons, and if that global variable is deleted, the variable log does not show which pistons use that variable. I had to sift through my pistons to find where a deleted global variable had been used. The error is noted in the piston log, but not in the variables log.


I made an update for this reporting to show regardless if variables exists or not. It does still track as pistons run, so it only updates when a piston is executed.

HPM repair to get this

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