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Should post your green piston with logs

I'm talking about entering an expression into the global variable manually - like when I create it.

If enter an expression, such as

"[b red | :fas fa-fire-extinguisher data-fa-transform='grow-20 rotate-10': ]"


'at {formatDateTime({$now},"MMM d h:mm a")}'

when I click save, the variable says "not set", and when I open that variable again, there is nothing saved in the expression .

So this is in the HE console -> settings,

or is this in webCoRE IDE or within a piston?

I think he's talking about creating a global variable like this:

While the option to enter an expression has always been there, to the best of my recollection it's never been possible to actually do so. I remember a discussion about this back in 2018—although that doesn't mean I was right then or now. :laughing:

So to create a global variable it has to be done in the HE console -> settings -> Hub variables

ie you cannot create one just by assigning it. This is an HE decision, and it is to avoid some errant application from creating a bunch of global variables by accident.

Once it is created, webcore should be able to use it



I am referring to a Webcore Global Variable, not an HE Variable:

  • webCoRE Global – Variables that start with an initial @
    • Scope
      • webCoRE pistons on this node can see these variables
    • How are variables created?
      • In webCoRE IDE when editing a piston on right hand side “ + add a new global variable”
    • How are global variables removed?
      • In webCoRE IDE, when editing a piston, select a global variable, then select delete
    • When do they update?
      • If a piston makes a change that piston can read the change immediately
      • Other pistons will not see the change until the piston that did the change exits its current event processing. At this point change events will be sent to other pistons that requested change notifications if the variable changed.
    • Persistence
      • They persist until deleted
    • Can I receive events if they change?
      • Yes. (if @global changes …)
    • Where is it stored
      • In the webCoRE main process state (total limit for everything in webCoRE main state is 100KB)
    • There are logs of the changes (for short period of time) in HE console -> logs -> location events

Yeah, this is exactly what I was facing. Thanks for the link. I'll set up a daily piston to fill the webcore global variables with the data I want.

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Just updated webcore using HPM and now none of my graphs will display. They are all stuck at getting options (1/4), anyone else?

[edit]I just went through one of the graphs and opened it in webcore and just clicked done through all the options without changing anything and I now get an error saying the webpage is not available. The top graph in screenshot I haven't touched the bottom is the one I re-saved(?).


[Edit2]I have also found that I cannot open any dashboard in the mobile app that has a graph in it. I use a VPN to attach to my local network. I can open a dashboard with a graph if I am using the cloud option, but the graph does not show. This is as it has always been. When I switch to local mode dashboards will no longer open at all, the mobile app hangs.

Attempting to register a browser and receiving an invalid certificate error.

This happened to me yesterday too. In Hubitat if you select Open Dashboard instead of Register A Broswer in Webcore settings, it will reconnect the PC browser you are working on. It popped it up in an external window and I had to enter my password, but when I opened a new tab and loaded dashboard.webcore.co it was reconnected and working like normal.

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What is likely a VERY dumb question... Working with graphs (specifically a time graph) How do I get it to span the entire graph? It seems only to want to do a small area of the graph... I currently have it set for 12 hours with each datapoint spanning 5 mins....(hub information driver is source)... Here is what comes up. For my dashboard. I'm sure I'm overlooking something simple..

Preview of time graph withing Webcore graph app

You need to go into Long Term Storage and define how long you want to keep data for.
The problem being that the device only stores the number of events defined on the device page.
If you use long term storage these events are saved in a file and these are then used if you select 'use long tern storage' when you define the graph.
This option does not appear until you have defined the device in LTS.

EDIT: You can define any number of devices in the one instance of LTS. You do not need to create a new instance of LTS for every device you use.


I believe in the webcore version it will use LTS if a file exist, you don't have to turn it on in the graph options.

Where is the option to create lts? I see it in the old hubigraphs app but not webcore.

As above.

Webcore -> Graphs then screenshot above

HE console -> apps -> webcore -> graphs ->

if you have an LTS already, you will see it amongst the graphs, if you have not created it, select create

I'm using the built in version of Webcore, does that make a difference?

In your second screenshot I can see "webCoRE Long Term Storage".
What happens when you click on it?
Can you define devices in there OK.

Doh! Didn't even see that...

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I removed webcore yesterday, just noticed that I'm still getting pings from the online portion about every 10 seconds. How do I stop this?