webCoRE for Hubitat Updates

sometimes a postal code with a space can be entered using %20 syntax ?

abc def may be abc%20def

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The webCoRE team has updated the webCoRE servers with the changes for HE !!

so there is no requirement to use staging for some functions.


interestingly enough, while staging opens fine, dashboard.webcore.co keeps spinning and never loads.

Couple of things I have seen

  • sometimes you need to logout and back in again
  • sometimes you need to clear your browser cache
  • My HE had hung and needed a reboot.

I just went in so I think the dashboard servers are fine.

Is anyone else having issues with the new version? I have tried installing twice and I can't create a blank piston, or import any pistons...my older version is functioning fine.

Is there any information in Hubitat Console -> Logs ?

If you want to send a private message, it would be good to see some screen shots of what you are seeing / not seeing.

I sent the logs via PM - thanks!

I have a question born of genuine curiosity. This is not to put down WebCoRE in any way. With RM 4.0 now out, what is it that WebCoRE can do that RM can't?

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One thing I love. Importing Pistons I already have, and reusing them by just updating which device triggers the piston. Not to mention restoring a piston if I delete it. (I keep a list for that).

Also way back (not sure if this has changed) I had to have 17 RM commands for my radio URLs to stream to various speakers. Then needed around 30 rules based on what happened when one switch was used to trigger any stream.

In webCoRE, I had 3 pistons, it did the lot.

Also using on events and case for button pistons, just a single piston for my Remotec Scene controller.

Not saying RM cant do these things, but for me (at least) I just find it way easier.


Another thing is at least I think webcore can recieve a post call and then process the data.

Parse JSON data from a webcall to or response to HE.

I like the IDE and logs, much easier to get what is going on, where time is spent.

I expect RM to continue to be a 'moving target" for a while, so folks will be in for a regular churn.

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RM is not there yet.
For me it's about creature comfort and convenience of programming it.
Local vars are awesome - hubitat staff keeps saying, "rules are free" - well it's not about being free, but about how I think about a piece of code.
Passing parameters to pistons make code much more convenient.
Structures like "if something stays on for X mins" are great.

It's just the overall user experience and is still way ahead of what RM offers.
I would agree, RM4 is a huge step forward in getting closer to the way I think about the logic of events,.

I brought up the exact same complaint when I first moved to Hubitat. I was overruled when I said this would be a feature people would want. It's always nice to be proven right.

You can achieve the same thing with rule machine with delays. With a conditional action you can add "waits" or "delays" into the rule that can then be canceled at a later time. So, if you have a rule that says that a motion sensor "stays inactive for 3 mins", well, you trigger on the motion sensor going in active and then have a delay of 3 mins which can be canceled. Then you have the motion sensor going active canceling that delay. It gets you to the same place with just a little more confusing structure. But that simplified structure is what allows RM to run in HE so well. WebCoRE, while it makes things easier, is very resource intensive for the hub because it was designed to run in the cloud.

This might have been asked before, but is it technically possible to offload webCoRE to a device somewhere else on the network, perhaps a RPi or NUC? WebCoRe would then interact with the hub through the Maker API. I'm already kind of doing this with NodeRED, but I much prefer webcore for conditional logic.

I've messed around with RM4.0, and while it's powerful, I kind of got used to getting things done with webCoRE from my ST days :grinning:


I just bought a second hub during the 4th of July sale and installed webCoRE on that. I use the Hub Connect app to share the devices to the second hub.

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Just what I did :wink: Yet to have ANY issues :+1:
Although had my 2nd hub sometime.

As noted above, you can already do this with a slightly different way of thinking--something like:

TRIGGER: Motion Sensor 1 *changes*

IF Motion Sensor 1 active THEN
    (turn on lights, etc.)
    Cancel Delayed Actions
   Wait 0:05:00 (cancel)
   (turn off lights, etc.)

In fact, if you look at an efficient webCoRE piston that does the same thing, it is nearly identical. See here for one example: Lights and Motion detector - Piston: Design Help - webCoRE Community Forum. The difference is that webCoRE has a default "task cancellation policy" where your ELSE will stop execution if the IF evaluates to true again, whereas in RM you must do this cancellation manually (also an option in webCoRE and necessary if you disable the default TCP).

I guess the other difference is that webCoRE looks your conditionals and whatnot and creates event subscriptions for you (that's the lightning bolt icon in the IDE), whereas RM leaves it up to you to create your own triggers. I guess that's something they could think about for RM 5. :slight_smile: (Though it's easy enough as-is and is definitely eliminates the risk of over-subscription through anything besides user error...).

No....because you have to be subscribed to all of the events that are going on and all the device states. As long as you are careful and tactical with how you use WebCoRE, you can run it without a problem. But don't use it for things that are easily done in Rule Machine. I've been running WebCoRE without issue for over a year. But I'm running 2 pistons at the moment. Everything else has been offloaded to WebCoRE or other custom apps/devices. It's forced me to learn a lot about Groovy, I'll tell you that much.
Whether you run it on your primary hub or a 2nd hub, if you let WebCoRE run away with resources like it can on the ST cloud, you're going to lock up whatever it runs on. There's even a function within webcore to clean up after itself when it runs away like that. Which is fine when you have unlimited computing power to share with but your poor little hub is never going to be able to keep up.

61 Pistons here, don't use RM any more, and as soon as I stopped using it, I stopped having issues (at that time I had 95 rules).

It could have been the previous version of RM causing me issues, I'm not sure. I looked at it again recently, and setup a rule, I didn't even get to the end of it before it threw an error. I uninstalled it again.

I'm using webCoRE for everything I can, keep it all in one place. But I am always wary if something goes amiss, but all has been absolutely fine up to now. :wink: