webCoRE for Hubitat Updates

Just curious on what webcore has that the current version of RM cannot do to take a risk with potential issues?

webCoRE has a higher abilities when it comes to math functions, especially when it comes to expressions and string manipulations. RM can do some math but from what I've read its pretty basic.

WebCore allows me to program multiple Lutron Pico remotes at the same time.

I just got my Hubitat, so maybe I'm missing something but it seems like in Rule Manager (and Button Controllers) it's not possible to select multiple remotes in the "Select Button Device" field.

That is correct. But read through all the info on WebCoRE before moving all your automations to WebCoRE. It was not designed for use on Hubitat but instead for use on a cloud solution with next to unlimited computing power. There have been improvements but it still is not as stable as Rule Machine.

I'm getting an the following error when logging into dashboard.webcore.co.

"There was a problem loading the dashboard data. The data shown below may be outdated; please log out if this problem persists."

Any ideas as to what's wrong? I followed the installation directions at the top of the thread.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I love the "stays" functionality of webcore. You can have a rule run if motion "stays" on or off for a time period.

You can do this with Rule Machine too; you just have to frame the issue differently. You want a "changed" trigger and (at least) an IF/ELSE that checks for one condition (e.g., motion active). That part is pretty much the same except you have to get the "stays," which is done with a Delay in RM, generally a "Cancel Delayed Actions" in the IF and a Delay subject to cancelation in the ELSE, or vice versa. Actually, this is pretty much the same as WebCoRE, too: it's just an explicit manifestation of the Task Cancelation Policy WebCoRE has enabled by default. :slight_smile:

Yeah, still gonna say I like the WebCoRE version better :slight_smile:


I would like to do another beta for a new release. If you are interested please send me a private message.

New features are another round of performance improvements. I'm seeing another 30-70% improvement in performance.

Is there anything going on? I am unable to load any of my pistons in Hubitat?
1)Rebooted the hub.
2)Checked for any updates.
3)Updated the Webcore and piston code.
4)Rebooted and still unable to load any of my pistons to modify.

It's been almost 2 weeks since last update, any word on the new beta / release since then?

We are in beta, if you are interested send a PM and I can point you to the kit.

I'm looking at obtaining a second hub, I may test out webcore / beta on the second one once I get it.

This is how I run it, works like a charm!

Hello, i have been quietly following this topic for a while. First off thanks @nh.schottfam for all your hard work on this, i have been using your fork for a while and have not had any issues at all. I have webcore installed locally on a Debian VM. I dont remember what guide i followed but im not really an advanced linux guy. can anyone help me get my local install updated. i'm still on v0.3.10a.

I got my 2nd hub set up yesterday and have moved a number of my RM rules from my 1st hub over to webcore on 2nd hub. Working quite well so far, but was wondering if its possible to turn off the debug logging from the webcore app?

Go into the webCoRE app on your HE hub, then settings, scroll down and change the logging Level to β€œnone”. If already none, change it within the pistons themselves.

I checked, and the webcore app, and all pistons, are set to None for logging... But I think it's the Dashboard: and register resp: 408, etc. debug logs that I'd like to disable, not the actual execution logs.

Ah ok, I only see those when editing or adding new pistons. I'm happy with that.

I guess if I can stay out of the dashboard long enough to get back to reality, the log messages will go away too :slight_smile:

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