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@nh.schottfam : Is it supposed to be fixed in the current release ?

This is in the current release. Answered via private message.

I have just upgraded to the latest release of WC.
All my motion pistons are dead, not sure what else. The events are in the device logs but the pistons never fire. I can set my thermostat fine.
I have edited and saved a piston and it seems to re-subscribe,
Cleared the cache, did a HPM repair.
Can you post URL's for the previous code to downgrade?
EDIT Found a backup from 3 days ago so I'm back in business on 3.113 2022.0105

Subscribing to devices...
+258ms ║Device missing from piston. Loading all from parent (228ms)
+261ms ║Using Attribute motion subscription
+268ms ║Using Attribute motion subscription
+275ms ║Subscribing to Office Motion.motion...

I get an active event in the logs but the logic always fails on testing "motion changes" Condition 3 should be true, illuminance is = 0

+3ms ╔Received event [Office Motion].motion = inactive with a delay of 25ms, canQueue: true, calledMyself: false
+14ms ║RunTime initialize > 13 LockT > 0ms > r9T > 4ms > pistonT > 2ms (first state access 9 4 9)
+17ms ║Runtime (8331 bytes) initialized in 4ms (v0.3.114.20220203_HE)
+18ms ║╔Execution stage started
+26ms ║║Comparison (string) :32e164a2e42f34f83c6d5126248c9a8d: is_any_of (string) :7c76bcf13f4437d56396ddf04776b595:,:32e164a2e42f34f83c6d5126248c9a8d:,:5fd38bb05278864e858c60e0d78f1eb4: = true (2ms)
+28ms ║║Condition #1 evaluated true (6ms)
+45ms ║║Condition #3 evaluated false (15ms)
+46ms ║║Condition group #2 evaluated false (state did not change (16ms)
+53ms ║║Condition #10 evaluated false (4ms)
+54ms ║║Condition group #9 evaluated false (state did not change (6ms)
+60ms ║╚Execution stage complete. (41ms)

@nh.schottfam Just starting in migrating 100+ pistons from ST to HE. Are there any plans to change the format of webCoRE global variables or the way how HE hub variables will be displayed within HE webCoRE (@@HE_hub_variable).

Just asking to get an idea what's the best way to revise my pistons regarding my global variables.


this is fixed

in latest

apologies to folks for the hassles.

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There is some discussion on variables here:

If you can be more specific on you questions, that will help

Your webCoRE global @variables in your pistons should work just fine as they are. The only reason to use hub @@variables would be if you'd like to expose or set variables from other hub apps outside of webCoRE.

I've noticed that alot of my pistons are not firing or only part firing on having a look I've found this same error on quite a few of them.

Ive just cleared it from about 45 pistons so far and they now seem to be working again, just wondering if there's a quick way to clear the error from all pistons I have about 150 left to go through???

If you are clearing logs,

there is webcore main command to do this

HE console -> apps -> webcore (main app) ->

this will clear all piston logs (and will reset logging to defaults (ie max logs)

It can take a bit to run, so let it go.

I was getting this today with pistons that were using global variables.
These pistons were failing.
Did an HPM repair and this resolved the issue.

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Doesn't this option only show when the debug flag in the main app is set? I don't have the option you describe but I vaguely remember seeing it at one point.

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that is correct, main webcore 'Full' has to be on to see that option.

after you do what you want you can turn it back to your desired level.


Thank you I've just spent the past 30 odd mins going round in circles trying to find it....

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I'm seeing same issue as @garyburchell .

Yesterday cleared logs and today I'm seeing:

So clearing seems to fix issue at the moment but it doesn't fix the main issue which causes a lot of pistons to not run correctly.
Is there anything that I should do about it and why is that error showing. It seems to occur in pistons with modes or smart home monitor.

My errors have not reappeared, but my pistons are not working properly.
Either not firing or massive delays.
Any way to roll back to before the update?


Not sure if you saw this but I was getting the same.
HPM repair on WC fixed the issue and pistons now firing ok.

I did a repair last night after reading your post, hasn't seemed to help.

You could load a HE backup prior to the update.

I'm getting the "null object on line 6784" errors with the Feb 8 piston release

Rolled back one version to the Feb 7 piston and the error is gone.

So I did a repair with HPM earlier and have been out for a few hours come home and all is good.
I'm not so sure that I did a repair lastnight now I think I did modify.

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