Webcore fatal error during update 1.0.88

I'm getting a fatal error during the latest Webcore HPM update (1.0.88). Despite following the instructions to reboot the hub prior to updating, it rolls back during the update, then the hub load starts reporting as severe.

Any ideas what's going on with it? How do I get it installed? Or is it better to skip this update and wait for a resolution?

This is a known issue that is being looked at. The webCoRE Piston app has grown in size to the point that the update is timing out. If you need to update, manually import the code for each webCoRE app, unmatch webCoRE in HPM and then re-Match clicking the assume code is current box.


Ok, thanks very much, I'll try that :+1:

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I think I might be confused a bit. I thought WebCore was now a built in app for HE.
I installed it via the Apps page.
I don't see any Webcore apps on the app code page.

Ah glad I saw this - same issue here. Think I'll hang on for a fix for now.

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It is both. Community version may receive an update a little sooner but for the most part they are the same. Community version exists to support those that at were using it prior to it moving to built-in. Built-in version is not subject to the update timeouts when upgrading.

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Is there any documentation for how to use the Webcore Prescence Driver?

That one goes a ways back, let me see if I can find something. iOS or Android?

Here are the original instructions:

Some more information:

I decided to hang fire as well, couldn't find all the code on github and didn't want to cause myself more problems.

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Thanks again

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Here are the direct links to the webCoRE code:

1. webcore-piston.groovy import URL:
2. webcore.groovy import URL:
3. webcore-storage.groovy import URL (for $weather functionality):

β€’ You only need fuel stream app installed if you use graphing / enable local fuel streams. Import URL: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/imnotbob/webCoRE/hubitat-patches/smartapps/ady624/webcore-fuel-stream.src/webcore-fuel-stream.groovy

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Great, thanks very much :+1: :+1:

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When trying to update the piston code it just seems to keep continuously loading when I hit the save button after importing. Any idea why this would happen?

The piston code is the largest of the webCoRE application. It takes a long time to load. That's the reason why it fails when trying to install via HPM (it's timing out) and why it takes so long when installing it manually. It takes in excess of 7 minutes - probably longer, I haven't actually timed it, to load the 'Piston' code. Give it more time to complete. If it never completes, that's a different issue.

I still can't update this via HPM, it fails every time. Is it now just broken basically and the only way is to update the code manually? I'm just nervous about doing it that way in case I mess something up...

For clarity I get this message:

Error Occurred During Installation

An error occurred while installing the package: Failed to upgrade app https://raw.githubusercontent.com/imnotbob/webCoRE/hubitat-patches/smartapps/ady624/webcore-piston.src/webcore-piston.groovy. Please notify the package developer.. Be sure the package is not in use with devices.

Also this in logs: Error upgrading app: java.net.SocketTimeoutException: Read timed out

The piston code is currently too large to run through HPM, but as long as you edit, import and save the following, preferably in the order listed, you won't have a problem:


Thanks, appreciate the extra detail on what order to do things etc. I'll give it a go in the next few days. :crossed_fingers:

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