Webcore 1.0.89 upgrade not working in HPM

I have posted about this before, but I am lost. My Webcore which was installed years ago manually is a user added application. I have never used the built-in Webcore because when I ported from SmartThings, a built-in webcore did not exist. Up until 1.0.87 my Webcore updated perfectly. I have tried to upgrade to 1.0.89 Webcore using HPM. I runs for several minutes and then fails due to "an internal error" and then rolls back. It has been suggested here that I manually upgrade the drivers and the app. In searching github I find almost endless and conflicting versions of Webcore. I have tried everything and not willing to give up on my 70 or so pistons in Webcore. Does this lack of ability to upgrade mean that Webcore is end of life? If so, is there anything as powerful that I can implement all my code in? Rule Machine just cannot achieve the level of complexity that I need.

I have the same issue it's due to it being a big app it times out, HPM needs to either change timeouts or find a work around.

I just now got an update to HPM itself and that didn't cure it. I am feeling conflicted as to whether Hubitat is starting to lose support. I don't want to have to go to Home Assistant because everything in HA that I can do in five minutes in HE takes me weeks in HA. However, updates that just break are strong motivation. Your thoughts? It was this type thing exactly that made me run away from SmartThings and come to Hubitat.

If I have to manually update, I am good with that. The problem is there are just too many instances of webCoRE and Piston and not obvious where all the pieces are.

The code is all here

For a manual update, if you put the raw URLs in the import option on the app code then in the future all you need to do is press that and then the import button to get the latest code.
Most apps and drivers are a few KB max, but all of WebCore files add up close to 1MB, They are working on an HPM fix but it may need a Hubitat update to help

Similar topics have covered this issue. The size of WebCoRE's piston component is 14000 lines, and when Saving, it takes more than the 5 minutes allowed over the connection HPM uses. (Setting HPM's timeout to be 7 minutes, doesn't help because the Platform has a hard limit of 5 mins.) There are more than a few potential solutions, but all of them are long term, and your question is more of a short term one. :slight_smile:

Hubitat, WebCoRE and HPM developers are exploring the options and that will deal with the long term. There's reason to be hopeful that the next Platform release (in Beta now) will make progress on this.

In the short term, you have the old and gnarly manual import method. As @TMLeafs suggests, the URLs to paste into the Import dialog are available. The other option is to just wait to upgrade WebCoRE until 2.3.8 is released. :slight_smile: (yea, that'll happen :smiley: )


Excellent. So, my installed SmartApp code is:

The link you provided has:


Which one does webcore-dashboard map to?

You do not need that one just do what you have installed

The very first post in the this thread gives you the links you need, down a little bit from the top of the post.. Just copy them from within the post and paste them in the import option.


Not sure where I first read it, but someone recommended using Repair instead of Update (for webCoRE specifically). Not ideal, but easier than importing individual files.

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This will not work, as noted in @csteele's post a few above, the issue is the save time of the file. For now you have to do a manual install if you want to update.

I suppose another option is to switch to the built in app version. I assume it doesn't have that issue. That has it's own issues in getting all your pistons switched over.

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Interesting. I have used this method to adopt and test changes to webCoRE in the past. Something worked.

Repair can solve a set of problems, but not all. It can solve what I like to call "a green bag of problems." But Repair can do nothing for other issues, lets say "a purple bag of problems."

The issue is that the Save takes longer that the maximum time, and Save underlies Install, Modify and Repair.

Uninstall, for example, doesn't use Save, it 'clicks' Remove.


Ok, so I took your lead @terminal3. I simply manually replaced the code for the four apps I initially listed. HPM still thinks that I need to upgrade despite having carefully done it by hand. Any other ideas?

If you are beginning with a manually installed/upgraded Package, follow these steps to align HPM and your hub:

  1. UnMatch so HPM isn't monitoring WebCoRE
  2. Do a MatchUp and select "up-to-date"

Screenshot 2024-01-24 at 9.36.10 PM


I see no "unmatch" option in HPM. There is only a Match and an uninstall.

Oddly, my failed upgrade appears to have broken a few long-term pistons. However I only noticed this because my heating controls got stuck and I had no idea why. Basically, when a virtual switch turns on (boost), it also turns the radiator on. When it turns off, the rad turns off.

The schedule (another virtual switch) should also disable the boost and the rad.

These were turning on, but not off.

Absolutely melted my mind trying to find out why. Rebooting wifi, router, hub.... No avail. Opened the Piston, resaved it, then everything went back to normal.

Very odd.

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Thanks so much. I did not realize those options were hiding in there. That made all of the difference in the world. It now thinks that the January 15th Webcore is up to date and the latest which is a good thing.


UnMatch should not be a normal day-to-day kind of activity. It will be used rarely and so I put it in a rarely visited page. Fewer accidental clicks that way :smiley: However, when you need it, obscurity is not ideal.

Indeed. I make that disclaimer to my subscribers on my YouTube channel regarding options that are often more hidden, less used, and even slightly covert. :smile:

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