WeatherFlow - any developers working on integration?

Hi, I just wanted to check here to see if any developers have a WeatherFlow Smart Home Weather Station and might be working on integrating it with Hubitat?

I take it by the deafening silence that no one here is using a WeatherFlow smart weather station... Bugger.

I do notice it has an IFTTT channel

Is there a smarttings integration?

It does have IFTTT, but it is limited to very basic control/notification.

If they have an json response api, then it shouldn’t be too difficult to write a driver for it.
There are plenty of weather underground and apixu drivers around on HE to copy


Ok.. I just checked the weewx website and it appears that they have a driver for the weatherflow kit.
Therefore you could use my weewx driver in HE if you set up a Rpi weewx server.

Have a look at


This is the info you can get out of weewx (providing your station can send it)

This is a combination of weewx and an external service for forecasting


No smartthings integration that I am aware of.

Json is mentioned here in the WeatherFlow API doc, but I don't know what context that is. Sorry for my ignorance. I am not a programmer in any form, and even getting my head around RM and all the other aps has been a challenge for me (coming from ST and basic webCoRE).

Again, not being a programmer, I don't really know where to start with this, but I will check it out. I appreciate your help.

Im not a developer either, but If you’re able to follow step-by-step instructions to flash the firmware on a router with DD – WRT , then you should be able to use this set up from Pat O’Brien’s (Method 2) to capture the data as it’s being sent to Weather Underground. You can stop at the end of the router setup section. That’s all you need.

Ignore that the blog post says it’s for the Observer IP. All you need to have is the correct driver for your weather station in Weewx. To be honest that is the tricky bit, but once you have this set up it should work and you’ll be able to send data from Weewx to habitat via Andy’s driver. I tried many methods with my Ambient Weather station and this is the one that easily worked the first time using Pat’s instructions for the router.

Thanks @SmartHomePrimer, I will have a play with this next weekend.

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Amy further development with weatherflow?

After 3 days of playing with this I was able to get my Weather Flow working perfectly in HE.
Ubuntu to collect data using Weewx (installation of Weex & WeatherFlow configuration)
Ubuntu for the web server to create the JSON file (apache install and configuration)
Weewx driver (from Cobra) installed in HE

If anyone would like the directions distilled down, please PM me


I have integrated my WeatherFlow 3 different ways. Not because I needed to, but because I was trying to learn something...

  1. Can do it via WeeWX, as mentioned above.
  2. Can do it via an external node.js script, pushing into Hubitat via MakerAPI
  3. Can do it via Node-Red, pushing into Hubitat via MakerAPI

So, ok. Maybe that is only 2 ways technically (?). :smile:

That's great. Don't suppose you happen to have a "for dummies" instruction on how do option 2 (or 3)? Would like to get this integration working, but won't have a chance to play with it for about 2 weeks.

I would be happy to share the flow I'm using in Node-Red, if you know/learn Node-Red it is pretty simple to understand what it does.

And I did share the node.js script I use in another thread, if interested.

But in terms of writing a walk through or a step-by-step, I don't really have time for that right now.

No worries, completely understand.

If we could have UDP working well in HE this could be a local driver and things like LIFX would have an easier life too


+1 looking for good weatherflow integration.