Weather and Rule Machine

greetings everyone and thank you all for all the support that you’ve given me in my journey to migrate to HE.

I have the following rule built in H E, and I was just standing outside and realize that it’s raining outside and it’s dark and it would be ideal if I could query A weather service or something to figure out if it’s raining at my house and if so, turn the lights on early. I do own a weatherflow tempest and based on what I read there’s no direct integration so is there some other website they could be quarried? And if so what would that code look like?


There are two cloud integrations that work well, both of which expose rain events that can be used as triggers in other apps.


this is where my admittedly weak spot is,
On step 1, I went to drivers code, selected import, pasted this url into the box, then clicked import.

nothing appeared in the box below and when I clicked save I got an error message that said, Cannot get property 'parent' on null object.

Here's the import link:

You have to click on "Raw" on the github page and then import the URL of the page it links to.

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thank you.

i have everything setup (I think). Now to figure out if it’s working.

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i am going to add a trigger correct? It’s also going to be some add/or condition correct?

@aaiyar thank you..

I have a test setup - ill keep you posting

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Can you help with the logic?
I have the following trigger set but It needs to be conditional and I dont know where to go from here. I need the rule to check for cloud cover (which I think I have) and the time is between 8 AM and 6 PM If these are true, then turn on the kitchen light.

Maybe something like this:

BTW, WeatherFlow will directly give you illuminance, so there is no need to use Solar Radiation as a proxy for illuminance.


I didn’t consider illuminance.

thank you for the help!

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