Water sensors (specifically, the Aeotec Water Sensor 6 Zw122-A)

Hi there
Had gotten a Aeotec water sensor 6 Zw122-A as a present
I have not found it in the compatible list, any thing I can do to get it to work.

I would try pairing the device and if it isn't detected as a water sensor, you can manually change the device type to Zwave water sensor using the dropdown.

Hi @rodsterbyrd. I have two of those connected using the Generic Z-Wave Water Sensor driver.
They work great.

Does that generic driver also report on the temperature and vibration sensors on this device? Does it allow you turn those sensors off if you want to save battery life?


Hi @ljp-hubitat. No, the Generic Z-Wave Water Sensor driver only returns battery and dry/wet.

Dry/wet for both leads individually? I have all kinds of problems with mine.

Did you ever get this sensor to work?
With both leads?

Yes. See solution located here, courtesy of @bcopeland. Works swimmingly for me.

The stock driver is using @bcopeland 's code. And I can't recall any differences, so I think that you could use the stock driver, gain the ability to get any automatic updates, and not miss on any functionality.