Water Sensor

I learned the hard way that water sensors should be on my list of smart items to add to Habitat, basement home theater flooded while me and the wife and daughter were away for a week...6" of water ruined everything.

Does anyone have any suggestion for a device that will play well with Habitat?

Here’s a current thread with user favorites…


Thanks! found that after I posted. I am going to try out the Aeotec Sensor 7

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I have a few Zooz ZSE42's and they've already saved me from a leak under the sink in the kids bathroom!

Also get a water valve in addition to the water detection sensors

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I heard stories like this before and it made me paranoid. Not only do I have water sensors that will close a valve, as well as shut off the water pump (redundant I guess), but there is a switch by the door that we throw every time we leave the house to turn off the water.

The Hook Up has one of the best videos I've seen on YT


I have a few older Smartthings leak sensors. They have always done well. I also purchased several Centralite leak sensors.

Recently, however, I picked up some MOES leak sensors based on Tuya Zigbee 3.0 technology.

All of my leak sensors are functioning properly using the Generic Zigbee Moisture Sensor driver.

If you have an application where you need and extension probe, the MOES sensors have screws to allow you to do this. However, I have chosen to use the Ecolink Z-wave Flood and Freeze sensors for that purpose.