Water leak sensor events

I am getting temperature events from my water leak sensors every minute. I have 11 of them (IM6001-WLP01 Water Leak Sensor Zigbee) and they all do this despite turning off the temperature reporting. Are these events flooding my hub and should I seek a solution?

Try pairing the sensor again to the hub.

Will the temperature reports stop?

Without re-pairing: activate the water leak sensor (press the device button if there is such one, or wet the sensor) at the same time, when you click on the ‘Save preferences’ button.

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This seems to have stopped the per minute temperature update. Why?

Some battery-powered Zigbee devices will accept configuration commands at any time, but a lot will be 99% of the time in a ‘deep sleep’ mode, where their radio is switched off. So such devices need to be ‘awaken’ to accept configuration commands.


Well, this worked for a short period of time. But now my leak sensors are all back to reporting temperature every minute or so as before. Thoughts?

Please post a screenshot of the Device Details - Data section (need the model and the manufacturer)


As I am not interested of the temperature readings where my Samsung water sensor is placed (its on the floor), I am using the Tuya NEO Coolcam Zigbee Water Leak Sensor driver with it... You can give it a try; make sure you pair the Samsung sensor again to the hub after you manually change the drivers.

These are the last battery events :

This Samsing water leak sensor works very well, it has saved me from flooding at least twice!

Me either. But with 12 leak sensors flooding the network with temperature readings every minute or so, I have to think that will impact my mesh, yes?

I don’t think this frequency of reporting has any negatives impact on a healthy Zigbee network , I have 2 chatty Tuya radars that send distance updates every second, and there is no any noticeable delay on my old C-7 hub.

Regardless, disabling the temperature reporting should actually disable the event from being sent by the device. Now I am not quite sure whether my driver actually reconfigures the reporting interval, or just hides the reports. I will have a look when I have the time.


The concern here is not my mesh so much as the battery life. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I have not been able to figure out why I am getting battery events like this...

All of my leak sensors are doing this.

What device is it and what driver?

This is the classic SmartThings Water leak sensor (2018 model).... So its really wierd that the battery percentage remaining is sometimes shown as not divided by 2 .

You can try running the Tuya driver for a day with the Debug option turned on, hopefully the battery level Zigbee messages will be recorded in the logs.

The Debug logs will automatically switch off after 24 hours.

I'll give it a try. Thanks.

Do I need to repair the device after changing the driver?

No, just enable the Debug logs and click on Save Preferences.
I will need the Past Logs after 24 hours.

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