Water damage prevented! HE + Dome Shut-Off success story

While the Dome valve worked out well from @liquidskin, and probably many others, I want to document my experience with the Dome. I replaced my main quarter-turn ball valve and installed a Dome at the same time. Over time, the Dome's motor struggled to shut the main valve off completely. Amazon reviews for the Dome and a similar product made by Zooz recount a few similar experiences. There are several other products on Amazon that work similarly (eg. Econet EBV105). They're all easy to install, but their function can be compromised by changes in the quarter-turn ball valve they're attached to.

I replaced my Dome with a Waxman LeakSmart. This has worked spectacularly. I'm not suggesting you purchase a Waxman; only that you consider any of the motorized ball valves - there are z-wave and zigbee options available. I also had the plumber install a valve bypass at the same time.

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Thank you for your insight. Did you use a custom driver, or is their a built in generic zigbee driver for the Waxman Leaksmart?

That’s interesting, and something for me to keep an eye on. Like you, I replaced my ball valve at time of Dome installation. I went with a high quality Nibco valve that turns really smooth. I get down there every few months to replace filters, so the Dome will get exercised periodically. The first sign of struggle would definitely make me lose faith in the product and I’d have to replace it for peace of mind.

I eyed Flo, Phyn, etc., before buying the Dome. The simplicity factor did it for me. Worst comes to worst, you just take it off and open/close the valve by hand.

Custom driver written by @krlaframboise (originally for SmartThings, works great with Hubitat). Here's a thread on the Waxman LeakSmart Valve - @vjv has linked to the driver in there.

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Thanks for the info on the driver as well.

Likewise. Mine was never right: it isn't adjustable for when the valve is closed 100% and it would try to close >100% and therefore grind forever. (My hack solution was to have a rule that turned off a separate power plug after 15 seconds.) But within a few months, the Dome failed to close more than ½ way. When I get around to it, I'll ask Dome to replace it, but it's well past warranty.

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So I purchased a smartthings water sensor today.

So long story short. My bathroom toilet flooded due to the kids. It flooded into the hvac and damaged the basement ceiling. I’ve been spending all day fixing the ceiling....

So I decided to buy one and expand a few throughout the house due to this incident.

Ugh. Sorry to hear that!

I had to do that about 10 years ago. My evaporator drain clogged and my old AC didn't have a float switch. My evaporator is upstairs; it was a day before i found out about the leak - had to change out the sheetrock behind the evaporator, in the ceiling of one of the bedrooms, and the ceiling of the garage (live in townhouse).

When I redid everything, the first thing I did was to wire in a float switch. And after that, I've put leak sensors wherever I there's likely to be a leak. A few weeks ago, I had a leak in reverse-osmosis water purifier under my kitchen sink - the combination of a leak sensor and automated water valve cut off the water before any real damage (my kitchen is upstairs too).

No fun.

Almost to the point of priming. I have one coat of mud left to do.



I feel your pain.

Well that was dead simple. Paired up a Smartthings Leak sensor.

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The xiaomi aqara leak sensors work with Hubitat, and are about $12 apiece.

Just make sure you have a few Ikea Tradri plugs about to work as repeaters. The plugs are about $12 each as well.

hm.... I don't....

Worth considering getting a few - because the the Xiaomi Aqara sensors are inexpensive and accurate. Their only major issue is that they're finicky about which zigbee repeaters they work with.

There's a nice thread by @veeceeoh (who has written/maintained/collected drivers for the Aqara devices), about which zigbee devices work well as repeaters for Xiaomi Aqara, and equally important, which ones do not work. The thread is here;

The thread with drivers for Xiaomi Aqara devices is here:

Edit: The Ikea outlets are $10 apiece. Three placed "strategically" were sufficient to cover my ~2000 sq ft two storey townhouse.

I went with HomeSeer valve and thier z-wave sensors.


Done right. With bypasses.


@eyrich is that a perpetual motion water machine? Looks cool and you never run out of water.

As a real estate agent I've seen the damage an undetected water leak can do numerous times so when I saw a water valve controller I knew I should install one in next home. We went with the EcoNet Bulldog, it works very well. Other than testing it hasn't been triggered yet, but it sure does give us peace of mind!

I did. And they did. Dome's customer service has been superior.

Shortly after I installed the replacement, a false alert triggered the valve and the Dome worked perfectly. (Taking into account that I have a rule interrupt power to the shutoff valve because it doesn't shut down by itself.)

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