Water damage prevented! HE + Dome Shut-Off success story

I woke up for work last week and had a pushover popup that I saw when turning off my alarm. "Water leak detected - Utility Closet". Checked it out, and there was a small puddle in the closet. My Samsung leak sensor was on the outskirts of the puddle. Only a few cups of water. It wasn't clear as to where it came from, since my Dome valved closed the main shut-off via RM. It rained a TON in NJ the night prior, I figured maybe some water got in. Opened the Dome valve and expected nothing to happen and immediately water starts pouring out of my water heater tank. 8 year old tank, 6 year warranty. I shut the water off, called out of work and was at Home Depot a few hours later getting a new tank...

I bought a HE at first specifically for water leak automation. I had no intention of doing anything else with it, but we know how that goes :slight_smile:

This could have been a real mess. The water tank is completely out of sight and it could have been many days before I realized there was a problem. By then, who knows how much damage could have been done. Hundreds, thousands of dollars of damage perhaps? You hear the horror stories, and that was one of the motivators for me to get a system like this up and running.

Shout-out to the HE team and community members for evolving this product into what it is today. I hope to not need it to perform in this scenario again, but I know it's watching just in case.


Wow! That's awesome, indeed! I just installed a water shut off valve today to hopefully prevent this very same thing at some point in the future. I'm glad that you had such a success!

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Let’s call it a “successful failure”!:laughing:

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And appropriate username!

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I had a similar story a little while ago. This is my favorite dashboard (leak sensors in the water heater pans, in every bathroom, under the kitchen sink, behind the fridge, and behind the washer).

I got a RM rule that turn off the water valve if any leak sensor trips. It also turns off the water heaters, bidets, and a hot water recirculating pump. I'm notified by Pushover and Alexa. And, with another rule, if any of these devices are turned on when the water valve is off, they are immediately turned off again and I'm sent a notification.


Can’t have enough leak sensors. I’ve got 10. One incident and they pay for themselves

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Which ones do you guys have ?

I have 15 of the SmartThings ones... The previous gen, not the current gen with the contact on top (and bottom).

I have the old Aeotec ones.

New Smartthings (top+bottom contact) sensors. Nice devices

I have two LeakSmart, two Xiaomi (supported by TRÅDFRI outlets to repeat the signal), and a centralite (Iris). All work well. None drop.

I want to monitor the tray under my water heaters. I am also looking for a rope type leak detector to create a perimeter around the tray in case of overflow. I am wondering if anyone has seen a combo sensor that does both.


Yes, scroll down to the "lasso" option for the Aeotec leak sensor dock:


I went to look for a Dome Shut-Off last night after reading your story. Have wanted to do this for some time, but have been slowly adding the fun items. Your story has set my priorities straight.

Checked Home Depot online, a couple automation websites and Dome's link that brings up Amazon, but all were out of stock. I contacted Dome and was told they should have them available mid July.


While the Dome valve worked out well from @liquidskin, and probably many others, I want to document my experience with the Dome. I replaced my main quarter-turn ball valve and installed a Dome at the same time. Over time, the Dome's motor struggled to shut the main valve off completely. Amazon reviews for the Dome and a similar product made by Zooz recount a few similar experiences. There are several other products on Amazon that work similarly (eg. Econet EBV105). They're all easy to install, but their function can be compromised by changes in the quarter-turn ball valve they're attached to.

I replaced my Dome with a Waxman LeakSmart. This has worked spectacularly. I'm not suggesting you purchase a Waxman; only that you consider any of the motorized ball valves - there are z-wave and zigbee options available. I also had the plumber install a valve bypass at the same time.

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Thank you for your insight. Did you use a custom driver, or is their a built in generic zigbee driver for the Waxman Leaksmart?

That’s interesting, and something for me to keep an eye on. Like you, I replaced my ball valve at time of Dome installation. I went with a high quality Nibco valve that turns really smooth. I get down there every few months to replace filters, so the Dome will get exercised periodically. The first sign of struggle would definitely make me lose faith in the product and I’d have to replace it for peace of mind.

I eyed Flo, Phyn, etc., before buying the Dome. The simplicity factor did it for me. Worst comes to worst, you just take it off and open/close the valve by hand.

Custom driver written by @krlaframboise (originally for SmartThings, works great with Hubitat). Here's a thread on the Waxman LeakSmart Valve - @vjv has linked to the driver in there.

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Thanks for the info on the driver as well.

Likewise. Mine was never right: it isn't adjustable for when the valve is closed 100% and it would try to close >100% and therefore grind forever. (My hack solution was to have a rule that turned off a separate power plug after 15 seconds.) But within a few months, the Dome failed to close more than ½ way. When I get around to it, I'll ask Dome to replace it, but it's well past warranty.

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