Washing machine - Aeotec 6 plug - bad rule?

Hey All,
I have a rule that i've made that fired the first time, and then never again. Basically when the washing machine has a power > 1 (true) turn on a virtual switch, when the power has dropped to 0 turn off the VS and notify with pushover.

Also the weird one, in my apps panel the rule is marked as false, when I click into it - everything reads true, and when I back out of the rule the rule is then listed true - but the VS doesnt turn on.

what have I done wrong here.

first one is power, second one is current

then when the cycle is finished this is the state of power and current

or if there is a better way to get the same result im all ears!

Hi @stevebott123
That is almost exactly the rule I use. My check is > 2.0 and I use a virtual contact so I can include it in an Alexa routine. I also don't have a repeat.
What are your Aeotec Smart Switch 6 preferences set to?

The repeat I could do without, just added it when I had TTS in there.
hmm, im not sure what the prefs are set to - I know I changed the reporting to 15 seconds I think.
what in prefs should I be looking for ?

I'm not sure but here are mine:

My rule has been reliable.

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Copy paste an older post of mine here, but take a peek and see if it helps.

could you post your rule please

not sure how yours helps neon, I dont think mine needs 2 rules as my switch sits at 0 when its not running.

I probably could have combined them, but this way I can reuse the private boolean in other rules if I wanted to.

The basic idea was to smooth out the variation in readings and make something definitely true or false. You could take the private boolean output and send that to your virtual switch. That way you get the true=on and false=off you need.

I kinda was hoping the 0 Energy / 0 Current would be the definitive for true/false.
from reading my rule, does it look wrong - is there something there ive missed ?
just confused why it ran once and never again

Do you have a End Repetition clause? maybe your rule is still running?

Here was my device prefs - nothing really stands out as no ticked.

Ok, so ive setup two rules to see which one catches the right "movements" of the washing machine. When it initially starts up all the levels bounce up and down and level out after a few seconds thus the delays at the tops. Hopefully this gives me a better idea then I can build out from there.

was getting weird results from the above 2 rules (when the machine got power it spiked - none of the VS turned on that I could see - but 5 minutes later I got pushes saying the cycles had finished) so made a third (basically back to where I started lol) rule.

Hi @stevebott123. Here is my rule:

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Here's mine for my washer also using the Aeotec6 plug...


Note: This response is intended to be humorous -- it's not RM :smiley:

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trying to steer clear of custom apps at the moment - seeing if I can get the same result from RM first.

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from the first real world test today (ie not me pressing buttons but the mrs actually doing a cycle) it seems current is on the money for this rule. Will run it again to see - Other showed start and finish, Power was MIA

*edited the other rules to minimc Currents conditions, will see if that helps.

@stevebott123 Does your washer have any lights on the front that indicate the different conditions it is in, like rinse, off?

If you do I use the following device from Homeseer. It works great. It also has a temp sensor in the main unit too. The probe it comes with sticks on above the LED you want to monitor. Of course if your machine doesn't have any lights then this is all a moot idea.

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Thats kinda why I bought the aeotec smart 6 to catch the data to trigger a notification.