Washer and dryer done alerts

Do you think I should use vibration sensors, or the zooz outlet monitor?

Does your washer and/or dryer have an indicator light for cycle finished? If they do then these work really well for detecting an on/off or any other part of the cycle like rinse for instance.

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I use power monitoring to determine when my washer and dryer cycles end. Here's an example of the rules I use (this one is for the dryer). It is based on a a rule posted by @ogiewon.


I have always used power monitoring for washer/dryer & dishwasher announcements
Because these are always the same announcement, I use mp3s with a little app I wrote a long time ago.
Been running flawlessly for 2 years now

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What brand?


Dryer - Whirlpool. The outlet is this Samsung outlet. There's a newer version of it available now.

This can handle a dryer? https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-SMARTPLUG-GP-WOU019BBAWU-Outlet-SmartThings/dp/B07PY4YPTF/ref=dp_ob_title_hi

Does Hubitat support the Wifi outlet? That one is rated at 1800W (!), so I’d I’m guessing it would work, but I don’t know what types of loads it does/doesn’t support. Does it support energy metering? I don’t see it in the description, and that‘s necessary.

How many watts is your dryer? My gas dryer is only 130W, and an Iris V2 sensor works perfectly for this. Same with my washer. Occasionally my washer sends out a spike in current, so you may have to work around that as a heads up :slight_smile:

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What kind of dryer? If it's a gas dryer, then the outlet is only powering the ignitor and the motor. If it's an electric dryer, then it cannot.

Also, the newer Samsung outlet I referred to was also a zigbee outlet, like the one I have.

I meant this newer zigbee Samsung outlet.

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I used to use outlets then changed to aeon labs hems.


Is the light sensor able to distinguish between a flashing light and a solid light? My Dishwasher flashes while in progress, then goes to steady light when finished.

For those running power sensing.. are any of them able to be hardwired in line. Again, Dishwasher is a hardwired unit.

For washer and Dryer (gas dryer) I was looking at the Zooz ZEN25. Seems to be a good Combination of the right features and a good form factor for where I have to install. In general I like the independent control of each outlet.

I use energy monitoring for my dryer and a home-brew version of the status light sensor for my washer. Vibration isn't going to work for your washer because it changes too much during the cycle. When the washer is filling for the rinse cycle it is never going to vibrate close to enough to trip a vibration sensor. So, you would have to have a delay when the washer was done that was longer than the time it takes to fill for the rinse. By that time, you would have figured out it was done already anyway. Vibration sensors may work for some for the dryer but for a washer it's a no-go.

It senses when the light is either On or Off. So a blinking light would most likely cause a problem.

The DTH for the sensor appears that it would have to be reworked for hubitat. But it would definitely be possible to either in RM or in the driver itself built in a function to only post an event when the light had been on for a length of time. For example, if the indicator came on but within 5 seconds turned off again, the alert would be canceled. This would be fairly easy to build into a driver for the device. The one available on the Homeseer website would be an easy place to start from, you'd just have to rework a couple things. I don't have one so I wouldn't be able to test out any changes but if someone does i'd be happy to help with the edits.

That sounds like there may be a possibility for this device then. I see how you could avoid the blinking with a timed event. Good idea. I have this unit from Homeseer already and use it to tell us when the rinse cycle has started. Works really well.

If you want to send me the driver you are using, I could see what I could do with adding the timeout. It should be fairly straightforward involving only a runIn and an Unschedule.

Actually I am using the built-in driver - Homeseer Flex Sensor.

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Ah...it already has a built in driver. What capability is it using to report the status of the indicator light?

Edit...ahem....it's already built into the built-in driver.


Leave it to Mike to beat me to the punch! hehe

So, the homeseer indicator light sensor would be perfect for your blinking light situation @medlock.ryan. As long as it blinks more frequently than 20 seconds. That's the highest setting the blink detection goes up to on the built in driver.


@razorwing and @Ryan780

Thanks for solving this for me! Love the response times in these forums.

Another winner to bump up the WAF score for this week! [however, I am beginning to feel the inverse relationship betwee the WAF score and my bank account :wink: ]