Was I too hard on this fellow?

I think I get the point of your response, but yes it came off pretty harsh at the end.

He actually changed the post to remove the big 3 specifically, lol.

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Yes way harsh, IMHO, since you ask, @jnosa899.


Since the gloves are off, I guess, the title of this thread should be “was i too hard on this fellow?”

“To” hard is grammatically incorrect. Even neophyte writers know that :wink:.


Since you asked, respectfully @jnosa899 , hope no one brings that kind of p!$$@nt attitude to this forum.


Oh God, is my father (English major) here?! Nooooo.... :wink:


Does one nitpick not deserve another?

Speaking of which ....

Oh God, is my father, an English major, here? :innocent:



Sighting confirmed...twice. :wink:

Thanks for taking me back to my youth when my father would correct grammar and spelling in my notes to him and my mom on the refrigerator.

Imagine how much fun he would have with "Dad, at pool, Steve over later." :scream:


Apparently you don't subscribe to that sub. Every single article in there is BS spam. I have yet to see a single real piece of journalism in there. It spams every HA type sub than comes back under a different site name etc. I'm actually surprised it hasn't been mass flagged as spam yet.

Sounds like time to unsub... :slight_smile:


You are indeed absolutely correct, I don’t subscribe to that sub. But you did ask and I merely commented that I would hope that that type of response would be inappropriate here and not particularly welcome. Were you asking hoping that people here would say you were justified? JMHO since you asked. No disrespect intended (notice I never said that YOU are not welcome here, just the type/nature of the response posted in that sub).

Just remember that opinions are like @$$holes, everyone has one and are entitled to theirs, even if you may not want to hear theirs :rofl: (@$$holes that is). Again, no disrespect to you intended. You have a right to your opinion, but it was a “bit” harsh IMHO.

BTW, I do agree, however, that everyone has a right to their own opinions, just not a right to their own facts! Peace.

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I like to help people there that are completely lost. Unfortunately the 2 main subs are so full of misinformation from "articles" and such. Those paid click articles send so many people in the wrong direction. It's easy to see how people new to smart home stuff end up with 30 apps and no coherence in their systems.


Oh God, is my father (who is an English major) here? :grinning: :wink:


I have to kind of agree with @jnosa899, the poster only had a single post, gave no indication of his/her credentials, posted on reddit (of all places) and expected a serious response?

Anyway , looks like the post was taken down. Probably time to end this thread no?


Yes. No added value.



Nah, I won't go there... :wink::joy:

Lol I shall learn from this thread not to invite criticism :smiley:

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That makes it more ambiguous. Did the father major in English studies or was he a major in the British army?

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This thread has helped confirm I’m not missing out on much by avoiding Reddit.


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