Warning Delay Arming

Is it possible to have a warning beep or TTS when it’s in a delay arming state?


I just built it into rule machine for now. I don’t see any built in options under HSM.

This app will give you what your looking for.



I’m still messing around with it. Which Iris keypads are compatible?

I found the compatibility list.

I guess the question is, which is better. Iris v2 or iris v3?

I used and like both keypads. I prefer the V3 as it takes cheap AA batteries and works excellent work @arnb nyckelharpa app. It makes HSM so much better, and actually perfect for security. I have Google confirming the arming and reminding us to enter code when returning

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Enter what when returning?

I have a couple V2 keypads (3405-L and 3405-L2) that I also like a lot. But if I didn't already own them, and I had the option of choosing between v2 and v3 now, I'd probably go with v3 for that reason alone.

Realistically, @mik3 your choices might be dictated by what you can find online for a reasonable price, more than any other considerations. Good deals on Iris stuff are getting harder and harder to find.

Is there anyway to have it repeat the delay entery before the alarm goes off? Will the keypad do this anyways?

If your question is about Nyckelharpa, consider asking in the developer's [release] thread for the most specific answer.

Personally I prefer the V2 because it has a very loud siren, and loud exit and entry delay countdowns, however the batteries, 123a are more expensive then the V3.

The entry and exit delays are set in the HSM app. When they expire they are done

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Oh wait hang on here. The iris v2 and v3 keypads have a built in siren?????

Yes I think they're 80 or 85 DB on the V2. That pales in comparison to my 105db gocontrol siren.

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it's like a beeper on crack, not a legitimate siren, like the dome or aeon siren.

here's a V3 from a very reputable seller

code, not coffee, stupid swype

Thanks guys.

I purchased one.

Does the triple beep work? Is anyone up to attaching a video of how it behaves when doors open with the triple beeps?

I think that functionality was never duplicated outside of Iris. You might be able to setup a rule to chime if door opens.
@arnb would know for sure

@bcopeland has an app that will work with the Iris V2 chime. I have a V3 coming soon and can update when I have tested it as well.