Wall switch vs mirco switch pro? con?

We're getting ready to start automation our home lightings.

Yes, we are aware of "Caseta Lutron" lighting but the price .. ugh ...

We decided that we would just probably go with all zwave plus to control our home lighting. We will not allow any non-plus zwave devices on our network.

Which would be a good path to take? - the wall switch or the micro switches?

Pro / Con on both?

Wall normally gives you manual dimmer, micro let's you have switches of your pleasure


All comes down to personal preference.. Micros are good for hiding the automation and keeping the aesthetics of your current setup.. I prefer the more direct approach of the dimmer control .. Which usually will offer more feature sets..


The Lutron hardware is worth the price, IMHO. No mesh network troubleshooting headaches -whatsoever. It just works...every time. That’s what you’re paying for with Lutron. You also get a stand-alone lighting control system that works with many other systems without the user ever having to re-pair the switches, dimmers, fan controllers, a Pico remotes. This includes Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Logitech Harmony Hub, Apple HomeKit, SmartThings, HomeAssistant, and Hubitat (of course!)

I originally bought Lutron for just Pico Remotes. I was so impressed that I replaced my aging Z-Wave switches and dimmers with Caseta, and finished building out all of my lighting controls with Lutron.

Good luck in whatever you choose. It is great to have options.


I prefer wall switches. They give a visual of the switch position (usually led) as well as provide a way for other people to control the light and keep the switch in-synch with Hubitat. I would recommend preference for the same brand and devices on the Compatibility List (or previous version on Compatibility List). Major brands only also.


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I agree with you that Lutron is worth the price and there is a limitation with it unless you fork even more money upgrading to RA2 to go past the limitation.

Lutron is still on our list but our wallet is laughing at us.

We will have lots of zwave device around the house and the wall switch or micro switch as a repeater would help lot of those non-repeating battery operated zwave devices reach the hub.

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Doesn't micro switch also keep in sync with the Hubitat and update its' current state if it on or off?

Yea they should, the switch becomes part of the micro

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I've got Legrand Adorne switches in a large section of my house. I installed them 3-4 months before jumping into Home Automation in 2014. I wasn't going to replace (again) those switches to use traditional ZWave switches and dimmers. I decided to go with the Micro's (at the time, Nano or Qubino now) and hide them in the wall box. It's a VERY tight fit because the Adorne are rather deep. The Micro/Nano work quite well, although I happen to be using the Qubino variant.

Screen Shot 2020-03-17 at 12.00.43 PM


After checking on prices some more .. it look like there not really that much difference between a wall switch and micro switch prices ...

I was thinking of putting wall switches on main room and use micro switches in closet, utilities, garage etc. places where dimmer is not needed but the prices make it seems I am better off getting a n off/on wall switches for those areas.

A key point if you decide to go with micro switches: (I recommend RGBGenie variety).
If you really want a high WAF, then you must have momentary switches. Momentary switches just turn on or OFF with a "push", but don't stay in one position or another. The reason for using those type of switches is:
Imagine if your significant other turned the light on - the handle would go up. However, due to an automatic rule, sometime later the switch is turned off digitally. But, the switch is still in the UP position, but the light is OFF!

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:point_up_2: This :point_up: Is my pet peeve.

It is directly what made my buy a basket of Legrand Adorne when I stumbled upon them. I use the "Push" series and it is a Toggle, but the resting position is the same, on or off. There's a Hack to modify an Adorne switch to be momentary and I do have one sacrificed to that, but don't use it.. yet. :slight_smile:

Screen Shot 2020-03-17 at 1.00.02 PM Push and Dimmer
(the center is an optional 'glow' LED)

I'm not pushing or 'selling' the Adorne line, just showing how similar thinking ( switch is not in the 'right' position ) can be rectified more than one way. :smiley: The Micro/Nano/Qubino all support either momentary or toggle.

Micros give you the option of having button controllers instead of switches that only control one device as well. So, in my bathroom I have 2 RGBGenie Zigbee micro dimmers. One for the vanity lights and one for the lights over the shower. But I can have a single pico to control both lights. The top button turns on both, the bottom button turns off both. Also, rather than having them always come on to the last level, you can control what level to top button sets the lights to depending on the time of day.

Basically, you have 100% complete control of your lights. I didn't come up with this idea, the first person I heard using it was @mike.maxwell (he even used a bunch of the fancy-shamcy black picos...yes, I'm jealous). And I will admit, when I first saw the pics he posted of the setup I thought he was nuts. "What happens if the hub goes down?!?" I thought. But after listening to him a bit more, I started doing the same thing. I'm slowly moving over to all micros and smartbulbs and ditching the in-wall devices. You just don't have the flexibility that button controllers give you.

If you are going to go with the regular switches attached to your micros, you don't have to spend $12 on a momentary switch though. You can convert any old decora switch into a momentary switch. I did this for my garbage disposal switch. Makes it much easier.

Funny story, I didn't realize until just this very minute, that the person who came up with this was also our very own @mike.maxwell!!! I was sending this video link out before I even bought Hubitat. Kinda small world, isn't it? :smiley:

Here's Mike's video.


yes, but I still wouldn't want to paint it...


Thank you everyone for your inputs and feedbacks ...

I think we will most likely go with wall switches because now we would have to replace the switch with momentary switches so that add up cost and time on top of it.

Caseta is still nice but our wallet is still laughing at us ...

Inovelli switches look tempting to us because of the led notification, both my wife and I are Deaf and it would be nice to have a led alert if we left garage door open or someone press the doorbell etc. and the worse one .. leave the garbage disposal running .. we had to replace disposal since we keep burning it up.. :confused:

Once we couldn't hear the toilet leaking running water 24/7 and got slapped with a 700 dollars water bill ...

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Then yes.. This solution works well. I own quite a few Inovelli dimmers / switches..

You can also get them cheaper right now unboxed ..

I couldn't resist that price! Just ordered 10 of those switches ... Thanks!

Hopefully, my wife agrees

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They do uk frequency? :joy:

Not sure..