Wall Display

Is there a Zwave or Zigbee Display that I could mount on the wall to show certain stats.
I want a reminder when I'm on Summer mode to set the Heatpumps on cooling and in winter mode to heating. Just in case somebody switches the modes by accident and not to forget to change the heatpump settings. Another option would be a message on my PC that pops several times a day.

Have you considered using a dashboard to accomplish this and other things as well? That would be the typical approach.

If you just wanted to see Heat/Cool and nothing else, then how about a smart switch with color LEDs (e.g. Inovelli Red Dimmer Switch) and have it red for heat and blue for cool. This assumes you have a location where you could use a smart switch as well as this indicator for HVAC.

This all assumes you have an API access into your HVAC to get the current operating mode, such as a smart thermostat. But I have to ask, if that's the case, why not just have the change of season mode change your HVAC mode instead of prompting you to do it? You could have it check periodically to account for the case someone switched it. Or prompt you only when someone changes it inconsistent with modes. Lots of ways to approach this.

you could set up a rule to periodically send you a push message of your mode

in terms of a screen, it wouldn't be a zwave/zigbee display, but many people have used old tablets in kiosk mode and a dashboard to accomplish this

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