Visonic MCT-370

Can you please add this device to the "Generic Zigbee Contact Sensor" device?
The pairing info is as follows:

Thanks in advance!


did it not select the generic zigbee contact sensor driver when paired?

No. It didn't. It selected generic zigbee motion sensor.

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A further question:
What is the Zigbee cluster that I should be looking for, which gives the "time to report".
That is, I want it to report every hour.
I assume that this is the very cluster that is modified when I select the option :"Temperature reporting " - "every hour" (in the generic zigbee contact sensor driver).
Note: I completely understand, that it is up to the hardware involved (the sensor) to respond correctly.

its 0x0402...

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I've checked quickly "MCT-370 SMA" Visonic contact sensor support on Zigbee2MQTT and there is no temperature reporting for this particular model... only contact state is used. At the same time, the temperature reporting cluster 0x0402 is advertised during the device discovery process in Z2M, same as shown on your screenshot, which is rather strange. Could be simply a bug in the device firmware?

Visonic models 'MCT-340 E' and 'MCT-340 SMA' support temperature and battery percentage reporting and configuration.

I believe that ZigBee2MQTT is missing the temperature attribute, because it does report temperature (occasionally).

Yep, some users in ST forum also confirm the temperature reporting.

@jtmpush18 If you want to experiment, you can check whether this driver will configure the faster temperature reporting intervals. When done, switch to HE inbuilt 'device' driver to clean up all the additional states and finally switch to the HE inbuilt "Generic Zigbee Contact Sensor" driver.

Thank you.
Before I made my opening comment, I actually did try your driver, and I did wait for it to be accepted by the device (on initial pairing it "wakes up for a certain number of seconds").
After a minute or two, I returned to the generic zigbee contact sensor.
Unfortunately, it doesn't do anything (with this sensor).
Nonetheless, thank you very much!
(Maybe there will be sensors one day, that LISTEN to instructions!)
(Who knows, maybe MATTER will make a difference?)

The peculiarity of this sensor is that:

  1. it has an extraordinary large gap that is permitted between magnet and device
  2. it is powered by a CR2 battery (good for 5+ years, according to the company)
  3. it has a "stronger, longer range receiver transmitter" (not sure if this is true)
  4. it works inside a freezer (most of the time)
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@kkossev :slight_smile:
A quick question.
I turned on Zigbee logging, and let it run for quite some time.
I noticed that one of these sensors had a number of zigbee transmissions.
However, in the Device Events page, there is no record of any event whatsoever.
What do you think is going on?

I got one of these for a mailbox sensor. Metal mailbox in brick enclosure, 50’ from house. Been very happy as it has worked flawlessly.

Is this a moving target with respect to what it configures as?

I have previously requested Mike @mike.maxwell to add this "fingerprint" to the Generic Zigbee Contact Sensor driver. I'm sure that will alleviate all pairing issues in the future.

Regardless, I have had success in changing the driver to that one, after it initially pairs.

Can you post a screenshot of the Zigbee logging for this device only?
Not all Zigbee messages transmitted to the hub are interpreted as events, or if the event (the temperature reading for example) has the same value as the last one, it will not be seen on the device events page as well.

BTW, my Zigbee Logging screen stays empty ... Could it be related to platform update?
I am using Remote Admin for access at the moment, if this matters.

Just added one of these and it came in as Generic Zigbee Glass Break (ok, yes I'm a bit back in HE
Platform Version

Changed to Generic Zigbee Contact and it functions as such despite having some remnant from the initial discovery.


  • endpointId: 01
  • model: MCT-370 SMA
  • application: 01
  • firmwareMT: 1011-000F-10000003
  • softwareBuild: 10000003
  • manufacturer: Visonic

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