Virtual Tile Color

Is there a simple way to have a virtual button tile change color when its state changes. I am using one to control a group of outlets using a simple automation rule.

Virtual Tiles handle generally like any other tile on an HE Dashboard - edit the dashboard values and settings. A dialog has been going on lately about this issue (or similar issues) in:

Setting a different icon for the on and off states, or simply changing the tile background color per state are covered in that thread.

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While I use CSS quite extensively myself, like @jshimota refers to, depending on the type of device and tile template, you may be able to achieve the colour changes through the definition of the template.

Are the tiles you are wanting to change colour switches?

Hang on, I should have read the post more closely. If you are using a Virtual Button, I don't believe they will maintain a state. You may be best to show the state of the device you are trying to control. We might need a bit more information about the devices involved and the rule you are using.

oops. nice catch @sburke781 I missed that button part - alllthooougghh....

The button number could be used as a state of sorts, but wouldn't be accessible as a state in a dashboard I would think....

I was thinking of 'held' state... with the js event you could trigger a flash of the tile...

Hmmm, interesting idea...

Probably best to get a few more details from @jgalu62 at this stage...

You would think something so simple and prevalent in other tile templates would would be in a virtual button. I have not been able to find any reference that this is an option and since this is just for the holidays, when I change the dashboard layout I may just rely on the tiles it is controlling as the indication it executed the task.

Thanks for the input


There is a Button Tile Template that can be used and constructing a virtual button controller would be an easy task if one is already out there in the wild.

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