Virtual Thermostat JSON_OBJECT

Hi i'm triyng to learn how it work the virtual thermostat and i don't understand how to use the fields whit JSON_OBJECT .
Help please

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emmm oook
and about schedule?

schedule isn't implemented in any thermostats, so it does nothing

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... i add my scheduler in app and i set my virtual thermostat in...
OK i'm still a bit confused
How to get a temperature from a real sensor ?
and how to switch my heater relay on according to the schedule and thermostat?

You need a real thermostat, ie a physical device from our compatable device list.

The virtual devices are simply there for testing automations as needed.

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If you need a virtual thermostat to control a plug based on the temperature from a sensor, check this one out...


Basically my Gas heating system needs only a contact to start when the temperature goes under the setpoint.
I will use a sonoff temperature sensor and a shelly it's all

The most important is to have a scheduler weekly and daily

So that app will be able to handle what you need to do, it is compatible with the built in Thermostat Scheduler. It can control any switch type device and can have 1 or more temp sensors as inputs (2 is ideal). It has safety features in case sensors stop sending while it is heating (battery died, defective, dropped off the mesh, etc.).

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Ok, great. Is there a dashboard through which I can set all the parameters (scheduling, temperature, time etc.)?

Is possible to put variables in the temperature fields ?