Virtual Switching acting like bulb in alexa

Hello, I seem to be having an issue with my virtual switches and Alexa. When I put a virtual switch into an alexa rooms it shows as a switch. But when I say Alexa turn off the lights, it turns off the virtual switches in the room. The switches are all set as switches and not bulbs. Any ideas?

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I have a Google Home system so what I am going to say might not apply, but Google interprets names, so if I have the word "light" or "lamp" anywhere in the name of any device virtual or real, Google will include it in any spoken instruction that has the word "light" in it.

Alexa is similar. Check the naming of the switches. Make sure they don’t have the word light or lamp in the name. Then click the gear for the switch and make sure it is selected as switch and not light.

None of the switches in question have the name light or lamp in them.

Can anybody help me try to confirm this? Put a light and a switch in a room and tell alexa to turn off the lights. She should only turn off the light but for me she turns off both.

Probably related to previous issues like from the results below...

Just noticed the same behaviour here (in the process of moving from ST to HE):

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