Virtual Button in HomeKit Bug?

Just doing some testing the other day but not sure of the current status of button being exported to home kit is... I set up a virtual switch and exposed it to HomeKit integration. Came through fine. As another test I changed the driver from Virtual Switch to Virtual Button and HomeKit comes back as unsupported.

As you can see in the first pic the test switch with the virtual switch driver is fine. In the second pic it's using the virtual button driver and says not supported. Tagging @gopher.ny

I don’t believe homekit supports buttons.

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Ahh, wasn't sure... I thought @gopher.ny was working on it. Didn't know cert wouldn't accept it.

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HomeKit supports buttons, specs call them "programmable switches".

They do require having a home hub set up on the same home, though. Also, if an accessory/device is changed from a switch to a button, it may take a little while for HomeKit to digest the change.

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@gopher.ny I have 8 HomePod minis and a gen 3 tv. All running 16.3. I let it go several days and it never changed. Dunno what I'm doing wrong here... feel free to check my hub. Maybe you'll spot something

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I just switched back to virtual button on Test Switch if you wanna check the logs. He're my config for the button driver. I did notice that it shows as 5 buttons but I don't know if that effects how Homekit handles it or not

For me, the switch/button moved to Default Room once it became a button.
The tricky part here, Default room did not appear on the default page of the Home app, so the button looked nowhere to be found. I had to click on the triple dot menu button and find Default room there. Once selected, it showed the button and I could click/hold, go to Accessory details, and reassign the room.


This was already on default room and no go, also moved it to a different room and still says not supported.

Works for me on IOS 16.2.

What does your switch device page look like on hubitat?

change your number of physical buttons to 5 and see if it's ok.

Still working.

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I’ve finally found where my buttons are - not in a Default room, but in one that I have named ‘Test room’. This was the first room that I have created in the Home app, obviously it becomes the default one.

Ok, I switched it to 1 and it started working, and then switched it back to fine and it continues to work. Strange. @gopher.ny Create a test button with the virtual switch driver, then switch it to a 5 button virtual button and see if it errors out. That seems to be the pattern with mine.

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I've been playing with a virtual button and the way it appears in HomeKit, and the best thing I can say is changing it on the fly is flaky. HomeKit never seems to pick up the changes right away but always seems to pick them up eventually. There hasn't been any discernable pattern to it yet, though.


Searching the community I found this. I wanted to export a virtual button to HKit 16.3. Just does not show in Hkit. WIll do the 1 - 5 button swap dance to see if it works... but before i'll let it stay for an hour or so before I attempt it.

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Nope Button does not sow in HomeKit side of the force... I even tried to add a test button - does not travel over...

Have you looked in your default room?

I looked in all my rooms - My default room is named "Hubitat"...
I created a group that I shared ( "Obscurité") sorry for the French, just to see if it was making it to HomeKit... The group made it ... the button not !

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