Very appreciative veteran

I want to express my appreciation. to Hubitat and its employees for providing me with a Military discount. It's refreshing to know we have so many patriotic companies and they should be recognized for their support, so I wanted to give a big "Thank You" to you all.


That's very good of them!! Often times, in addition to vets, first responders are offered discounts. Although I have already bought my C-8, I'm wondering if they'd do the same.

In fact, I do use my C-8 to turn on a path of lights from the bedroom to the front door (and to the car, as well, at night), and unlock the front door, when I get paged out for a call.


First I heard of a military and/or first responder discount. How much was it?

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Man, how did I never know this?? Well, better late than never - thanks for posting that!


It's we who should be thanking you... Admittedly from across the globe, but anyone prepared to put themselves in harms way for a just cause deserves respect and any benefit they are offered, It's nice to see Hubitat acknowledge those who help protect the rest of us from harm.


Well I missed that one too. Poor intel. LOL

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In this day and age when so many just sit back and complain while reaping the benefits from those who commit to sacrificing all to protect our freedoms and ideals, it is gratifying to see those that are willing to offer them a sign of appreciation. As the father of a son to be commissioned in one month as an officer in the US Army (he branched Armor), I recall with pride when many of his friends and classmates that did not share his commitment to defending our country’s ideals asked him why he would sacrifice his relatively privileged upbringing to serve (we were lucky enough to send him to some very prestigious private schools throughout his life and his affluent classmates tended to feel and act very entitled). He would respond “if not me, then who? If not you, then somebody’s got to take up the slack”. Made me swell with pride.


What’s the process for getting the military discount? I’ve emailed a few times with no response.


Tagging @bobbyD ... I'll bet he can help.

Welcome to Hubitat!


For all vets here:

Thank you for your service; you don't hear it nearly enough or at all these days. Some of us know.


Thank you for your service! We have responded yesterday. Please check your spam folder as the email may have been sent to your spam. Let me know if you didn't get it and we will send it again.


Yep. Found it in the spam folder! Very much appreciated. Semper Fi


Sweet, I will have to use that for my second hub :slight_smile:

Good to know thank you for sharing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you.

Thanks for letting us know. I will ask for it on my next hub. I am a permanently disabled veteran following a spinal cord injury and don't have use of my extremities. I can't say enough how much I rely on Hubitat everyday.


My first thought was to click the button to like your post, but this would not be enough to acknowledge your service and sacrifice. We all should be very appreciative of your service and sacrifice to protect our freedom. Thank you!


Like @Sakman , I too wanted to thank @rob.sigl. In a previous post I mentioned my son who is a recently commissioned Armor officer (he wanted to do Light Armor as he also qualified for Ranger School post ABOLC and wants to potentially make a move to Infantry when he is eligible but is currently training in Heavy Armor to command a platoon of Abrams as the Army decided this past year that the Rangers and the Green Berets would use their own “cav scouts” and put all the new officers in “heavy”). When asked by some of his entitled friends in college why he decided on the military given his own pretty privileged background, he responded “If not me, then who? Don’t you want to do something that is greater than just yourself?”. A special thanks for all those like @rob.sigl that go beyond the rhetoric of politicians and actually DO and SERVE with often times severe personal sacrifice. You have my undying respect and gratitude.


Many, many thanks to you Rob. I did 5 years in the US Army, one in Vietnam from 1965-1966, 1st Air Calvary Division. I'm one of the very fortunate ones who made it home intact and uninjured. May God Bless you and your family. Your sacrifice can never be fully compensated, but trust me when I say all your fellow veterans appreciate what you have given.